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Guide to Medical Devices

At some point, everyone has joked about or wondered what it would be like to “play doctor”. Many people have unintentionally experienced getting turned on at the doctor’s office, but some people go a little further and actually act out their fantasy.

Medical devices are a specific type of medical fetish or medfet that focuses on using such devices found in a dentist’s or gynaecologist's office and uses roleplay and authentic tools to bring a whole new level of sexy and deviancy into the bedroom. Some enjoy playing the doctor, others enjoy playing the nurse, and others submit to the position of patient. Whichever role is desired, medical devices help make the fantasy real.

In this guide we’ll review a brief history on medical fetish and where it came from, how to safely use medical devices, which products are the best ones to try and some frequently asked questions.

Read on, because “The doctor is ready to see you now...”

Guide to Medical Devices

At some point, everyone has joked about or wondered what it would be like to “play doctor”. Many people have unintentionally experienced getting turned on at the doctor’s office, but some people go a little further and actually act out their fantasy.

Medical devices are a specific type of medical fetish or medfet that focuses on using such devices found in a dentist’s or gynaecologist's office and uses roleplay and authentic tools to bring a whole new level of sexy and deviancy into the bedroom. Some enjoy playing the doctor, others enjoy playing the nurse, and others submit to the position of patient. Whichever role is desired, medical devices help make the fantasy real.

In this guide we’ll review a brief history on medical fetish and where it came from, how to safely use medical devices, which products are the best ones to try and some frequently asked questions.

Read on, because “The doctor is ready to see you now...”

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Table of Contents

What are Medical Devices?

Medical devices are any implement used in a medical setting. For this guide, we will focus specifically on the fetish aspect of being sexually aroused by medicinal roleplay, medical settings and medical devices. Medical fetish or medfet pertains to such a wide range of medical settings and experiences that almost anything medical can be applied, even something as simple as a nurse’s outfit or a doctor’s lab coat.

However, the devices used are a bit more convincing when doing roleplay, and medical devices are generally high quality implements made of steel or medical grade silicone.

Urethral sounding allows you to stimulate both the inside and the outside of the penis at the same time. They were originally meant for probing and dilating or to run a catheter down the urethra pre-surgery.

Wartenberg wheels or pinwheels were developed for neurological use. It tests nerve reactions when rolled across the skin. Sewers and clothing makers also use a similar device made of wood or plastic called a pounce wheel that is used to transfer markings from paper to fabric.

Historically, cupping has been used in ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine and later on in Greek, Japanese and now Western medicine, as well. The act of cupping is said to pull toxins and blood towards the surface of the skin to be expelled. Any fluids that were held in the body considered to be stagnant are broken up and released, resulting in more energy and vigor. Additionally, cupping relieves tension from muscles that are tight or injured.

In Chinese medicine, it is often paired with acupuncture. Dry cupping, using only air suction, is commonly used today. However, cupping used to be done with fire that was lit underneath glass cups; the fire would burn up all the oxygen and create a vacuum before extinguishing. Glass and plastic are the most common materials used today, but bamboo, rubber, wood and even horn have been used throughout history.

The Chinese believed that cupping moved and unblocked qi (energy) in the body and it has been practiced since well before 300AD when it was popularized by a Taoist healer and author, Ge Hong, who wrote about its healing properties.

In Muslim cultures, cupping was called hijamah meaning to return an ill state to its original state and would often combine cupping with some form of blood-letting, as well.

Medical mouth gags, unlike the ball gags that muffle noise and block entry to the mouth, keep the mouth from closing. The open mouth can then be operated on in dentistry or other surgical procedures.

Vaginal spreaders or pussy clamps were used by gynaecologists to open the vagina enough to see inside for check-ups or to perform procedures. Speculums were used to get an even deeper look and to reach the cervix.

Anal speculums and anal spreaders were made for similar reasons; to see deep inside the colon, perform surgery or insert something inside (or remove a blocked item).

Speaking of blockages, enemas were and still are frequently used for constipation. However, people also used them to clean out the colon before surgery, to lower a fever or to feel fresh and invigorated. Read more about enemas in our Guide to Enema Equipment.

Forceps are a common medical tool used to pinch and fold back skin, flesh or muscle to keep it out of the way, usually during surgery.

A rosebud or anal prolapse is when parts of the rectum are pulled or expelled outside of the anus. The pink folds stick out and are said to look like a rosebud (hence the name). Generally, this is something that warrants a hospital visit. However, during continuous and repetitive extreme fisting or anal, a rosebud can naturally occur. Frequent anal with very large toys can cause the rectal walls to loosen and thus become more easily pushed out. Some individuals do this purposefully for pleasure or for shock-value and believe the act is erotic. Those who play with the exposed rosebud say it smells like raw flesh and tastes like blood and awakens something very carnal. It is very intimate and the inner lining of the rectum is highly sensitive, so those who intentionally play this way find it pleasing to have their rectal tissue licked and played with.

Repeated prolapses can cause bowel problems and anal leakage. This requires surgery of the anus and carries with it not only expensive procedures but risk of infection. If not dealt with, it can cause anal fissures or breaking of the lining of the rectum.

However, to get an anus to prolapse is actually quite a challenge. The anus isn’t meant to prolapse, and so it would take a lot of work to get it to do that intentionally. Still, there is an erotic taboo about have a bit of exposed pink around the anus. So, devices such as the rosebud cylinder use strong suction to cause the anus to pucker, giving a safe alternative to going the difficult and potentially dangerous route of trying to achieve an actual prolapse.

Today, roleplaying medical professionals and patients is very common and the use of realistic tools makes the erotic scene even more arousing and believable. As long as everyone involved is safe and consents to all activities, and as long as the “doctor” has spent time learning about how to safely use their tools, the “patient” can experience a very sexually charged, taboo scene that is sure to excite them!

Why You Need Medical Devices

Each person has their own reason for their interest in medfet. Maybe it was an interaction as a child, where they found the doctor scary. For some, the cold, surgical steel and the sterilized, gloved hands confidently examining their patient was arousing. Depending on the memory, the fantasy may change to fit a different scene. Below are a few reasons people enjoy medical devices and find them sexy.

Fantasy Role Playing Couples find exciting new ways to experience each other with role playing. “Playing Doctor” goes all the way back to being a kid, and there must be something about it that people are interested in playing those roles as adults. Having someone be the caretaker or in control while the other is powerless and vulnerable can be very erotic. Plus, the taboo of a medical professional turning an examination into something erotic is highly arousing.

Spreading and Stretching People love the feeling of being stretched open! It heightens every other touch and creates a sense of vulnerability.

  • Urethral Sounding The urethra has sensitive nerve endings that respond well to stimulation. Men find that this even makes masturbation more enjoyable because the plug or sound causes some of the nerves to be pushed closer to the surface, making it easier to stimulate them. Additionally, the inside of the penis can then experience far more sensations with each stroke and tease of the cock. One of the most enjoyable things about sounding is that men can enjoy direct prostate stimulation.
  • Female Sounding While it is mostly men that enjoy sounding, some women can enjoy this type of stimulation, as well. While lesser known, women can use items such as the Hegar Sound.
  • Mouth Gags These leave the patient’s mouth wide open for inspection or insertion.
  • Pussy Clamps These keep the vagina open for entry, inspection or play.

Pinwheels Some people love the gentle yet sharp pricks of pinwheels and it excites those who don’t always feel a lot of sensation. For those who have experienced these wheels, it often leaves them writhing right on the edge of pleasure and pain and can flood the senses and put them into hypersensitivity.

Suction This type of play pulls blood towards the surface of the skin creating hypersensitive zones and often bruising.

  • Cupping This form of play pulls blood and skin up into the cup often leaving a circular bruise afterwards. This can be great for sensitizing areas of the body and blending pain and pleasure.
  • Rosebud Cylinders These devices use suction to give the visual appeal of a rosebud without the damage. Partners enjoy playing with the puckered anus before anal sex or fisting.
    A Note On Rosebudding: For some people, the act of prolapsing their anus is a very intimate act. It shows them the most tender and dirty parts of them. The rectal folds are hypersensitive and when exposed, so it makes the person feel deeply vulnerable. Their partners may lick, suck, or even play with different lubricants while fisting them and pushing the rosebud back inside until it is pushed out again.

Types of Medical Devices

Anything that’s ever been used in surgery or a doctor’s office can be used as a medical fetish device. Below are a few of the most commonly used items that Extreme Restraints carries.

Urethral Sounds Inserted into the male urethra, these come in different sizes and materials.

Speculums Used to open up the vaginal canal for playing doctor and getting a better look.

Medical Instruments

  • Wartenberg Wheel Intensely awakens the nervous system, this wheel’s pricks heighten sensitivity.
  • Pussy Clamp Opens the pussy for play, insertion and to get a better look inside.
  • Metal Mouth Gag Keeps the mouth wide open, similar to the ones used in a dentist’s office.
  • Cupping Sets Uses suction to pull the skin into the cup, away from the body. Originally used in Chinese Medicine.
  • Forceps A medical tool for holding flesh firmly in place.
  • Rosebud Drillers and Cylinders A tool for suctioning the anus so that it puckers.

Medical Supplies Condoms, gloves, enema hoses and more.

Enema Equipment Everything needed to use enemas. Learn more about enemas by reading our Guide to Enema Equipment.

E-Stim E-stim and electrosex gear are often used to arouse and excite. Read all about it in our Guide to ElectroSex Gear.

Medical Restraints Keep a patient from wriggling and writhing free with medical grade restraints.



  • Most preferred material used for sex toys
  • Longer shelf life than most materials
  • Easily cleaned before and after use
  • Can retain heat and cold for long periods of time so it can warm to your body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic and non-porous

To Clean: Boil the toy for 5-10 minutes and then wash with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Safety: Do not use with silicone-based lube.


  • More affordable than silicone, great for beginners
  • More porous than silicone, so harder to keep clean
  • Can’t easily be disinfected

To Clean: Rubber is very porous and the chemical composition of each brand varies. Some rubber products contain phthalates which can be harmful to your health. Wash with mild soap and warm water and let air dry. Keep in a cool, dark place once dry.

Safety: For insertable items, use a condom. This material is porous and difficult to clean. Remember to switch condoms when switching between holes or users.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (thermoplastic rubber aka “skin-safe rubber”): PVC is an easily moldable plastic and TPE is an easily moldable rubber.

To Clean: Clean with mild soap and warm water using a washcloth. Dry after each use before storing.

Safety: This material is porous. PVC is a plastic and TPE is a rubber, meaning they are more porous and sometimes contain chemicals harmful for the body, so make sure you buy ones that are labeled non-porous and phthalate-free or use a condom with it as a barrier. This type of material doesn’t stand up well to extreme heat, so store it in a cool, dark place.


  • Non-porous, phthalate-free, body safe & easy to clean
  • Pyrex-glass means it’s fairly durable
  • Smoother than silicone, which makes it great for
  • insertion
  • Often handmade with unique designs they are
  • pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing
  • Compatible with any lube

To Clean: Wash with soap and water. Pyrex glass toys are dishwasher safe. Safety: Do not expose glass to extreme temperatures. Can be used with any lube.


  • Non-porous, phthalate-free, body safe & easy to clean
  • Steel has a heavy weight to it and is temperature sensitive
  • Smoother than silicone, which makes it great for insertion
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Compatible with any lube

To Clean: Use warm water and soap to get initial dirt and debris off. Soak or boil in a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water for 10 minutes, then place in the dishwasher.

Safety: Steel can withstand more extreme temperatures than glass. If exploring with temperature play, be careful how hot or cold the steel gets before placing it in the body or on skin as it could burn or freeze the delicate tissue. Can be used with any lube.

Metal: Zinc alloy, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum: These are a few of the most common metals used in toys and equipment. Read the product description for more information on which specific metal is used.

To Clean: Can be boiled, or disinfected with medical grade body-safe disinfectants.

Safety: Be careful about letting these materials get too hot or cold during temperature play as rectal and vaginal tissue cannot protect itself against being burnt or frozen.

ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene): A thermoplastic polymer that has a low melting point (can easily be melted and molded into different shapes).

To Clean: Use warm water and mild soap and wipe with a soft, cotton cloth.

Safety: Prolonged use and exposure to chemicals (used in cleaning or disinfecting) can cause the plastic to crack or become more porous. Replace these items more regularly than silicone or metal. Keep out of extreme heat or the plastic can become misshapen.

Polypropylene: A type of plastic commonly used to make bottle caps, bottles, fittings and other shapes.

To Clean: Wash with warm water and mild soap.

Safety: Use a soft cotton cloth on the material to avoid scratches. Do not share items if there is a risk of sharing STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections aka STDs).


  • Sexy and a classic
  • Durable
  • Can stretch and soften after multiple uses for a custom fit
  • Porous; harder to keep clean.
  • Needs to be washed/cleaned after every exposure with bodily fluids

To Clean: Wipe clean with warm water and mild soap. Let air dry. Moisturize with saddle soap and mink oil.

PU (polyurethane) Leather & Leatherette

  • Vegan, imitation leather
  • Less porous than leather; easier to clean

To Clean:

  • PU leather can be washed and dry-cleaned.
  • Leatherette and PU leather can be wiped down with mild soap and water, then air dried.


  • Adjustable, easy to remove, and affordable

To Clean: Remove lint or hair from the bristles with a toothbrush and then clean with a hospital grade disinfectant, then allow the velcro to dry out completely.

ElectroStim Equipment

  • Intense and exciting stimulation
  • Requires an electrical power unit

To Clean: Please refer to our Guide to ElectroSex for instructions on proper care, use and cleaning of ElectroStim toys.

Buyer’s Guide to Medical Devices

Exploring medical fetish devices has a lot to do with exploring personal preferences and fantasies. Depending on what excites an interested party, the categories below are a great way to get started safely with popular products that prove time and again that some items are simply classic, and others are great improvements on an original idea!


Van Buren Dilator Set The Van Buren dilator set's probes are about 10.5" long and are J-shaped with a single curve near the tip. Many recommend this as a starter sounds kit because the J shape prevents sound from "getting lost" and the width of these sounds are reasonable.

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit These Rosebud kits (not to be confused with Rosebud dilators for the anus) have a round beaded end that centralizes the sensation as the user slides it deeper and moves it within their urethra.

16x Penis Head teaser with Urethral Sound This silicone urethral sound combines a vibrator located at the head of the penis with a smooth, flexible silicone sound.


Miller Speculum Authentic, gynaecological, stainless-steel speculum.

Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader Soft, pink silicone spreads the labia wide for easy-access to the clitoris. Great for cunnilingus and fingering!

Stainless Steel Adjustable Pussy Clamp This clamp tightens down and holds onto the labia so that the entrance to the vagina can be fully on display for whoever wishes to take a closer look!


3 Prong Anal Speculum The three prongs spread the anus wide for easy access to the prostate.

Anal Rectum Proctoscope A device for opening the rectum for a better view. Its funnel shape makes it great for pouring liquids inside!

Huge Equine Speculum For serious and advanced users. This allows insertion of large dildo or toys and easy access fisting.

Mouth Gags

Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag Crank their jaw open for insertion and inspection with this stainless steel mouth gag!

Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Keep their mouth open for deep inspection and their teeth protected with this rubber-coated, stainless-steel, medical mouth gag.

Pinwheels/ Wartenberg Wheels

Enjoy prickling sensations that send rolling chills through the body with these pinwheels. Try one or five heads for different sensations!

Wartenburg Wheel with Sheath Classic Wartenberg Wheel with one head.

5 Head Pinwheel Five heads disperse the pressure for a heavier pressure, but less individual pricks.

Cupping Sets

12 Piece Cupping Kit Create a row of perfect, circular bruises as you line up these suction cups on every erogenous zone. Play with pressure and sensation while leaving big, purple marks!

Rosebud Cylinders

Rosebud Driller Cylinder with Silicone Swirl Insert Experience the dual pleasure of suction on the rear to create a puckered anus while simultaneously getting drilled by the smooth, silicone insertable.


Young Forceps Clamp any fleshy area on the body. With these rubber tips, they will stay in place on the patient while the doctor completes their procedure.

Safety & Cleaning

Sterilize all toys before and after use. Boil steel in water for 3-5 minutes before use, then let cool.
It is incredibly important to keep all devices sterile to prevent infections and STIs.

Metal items can go into the dishwasher.
For cleaning, this is easiest. However, sanitize and hand wash them before putting them in the dishwasher just in case not all the crevices are cleaned.

Cleaning Tip:
Wash devices first with antibacterial soap and hot water and submerge in 70% alcohol or cavicide to disinfect. All surfaces and crevices should be saturated and then let them set out to dry. (Don’t rinse the alcohol off). For added cleanliness, place dried items in the freezer for a day or two after.

Only play while sober.
Anything that inhibits focus, motor function or communication is dangerous.

Wear sterile gloves. (Nitrile is recommended).
This protects both parties involved; it keeps bacteria underneath the nails from getting into or onto the submissive and protects the wearer from any blood-borne pathogens by covering their hands (some people may not be aware of tiny cuts on their hands where pathogens could enter).

Sterilize any part of the body that comes in contact with a medical device or toy.
We cannot emphasize enough that cleanliness is the primary safety measure needed in these kinds of scenes. Use antibacterial wipes and wash hands and other body parts before and after.

Sanitize the area being played in.
This means cleaning the table where devices are set aside such as the chair, table or bed and blankets/sheets where the submissive is laying and anything else that may get touched. (This is why serious medical fetishists set up clean rooms for medical play).

Keep all surgical devices on a sterile table; do not set them down on a dirty, unsanitized area in-between uses.
Be mindful and only place devices on the clean table set aside for them.

Research everything very well before doing it.
Knowledge is power and, in this case, it also means both parties will be safe and hopefully not require a visit to an actual hospital.

Be aware of any latex or silicone allergies and avoid those products.
Have conversations about allergies to materials as well as cleaning products used well before the scene so both people have time to prepare and make changes.

Use lots of sterile lube.
Unlike regular lube, sterile lube sterilizes items. This is important, especially when using sounding equipment.

Warm up any orifices before stretching them.
Before putting anything like a speculum inside a vagina, warm up the area beforehand to avoid tearing and use lots of lube.


Use a metal speculum specifically meant for anal exploration, not a plastic one.
Plastic is more porous, but also weaker. When stretching the strong muscles of the sphincter and anus, use something stronger and easier to keep clean.


Only use sounding devices with a round tip, not a pointed one.
The purpose is to stretch, not pierce, the skin.

Remove sound or penis plug before ejaculating.
It’s not only uncomfortable to leave it in, it may cause it to enter into the bladder and cause retrograde ejaculation which, while not immediately harmful, some believe it may contribute to male infertility.

If using a penis plug or sound with a curve in it, wait until flaccid to remove it.
Just as when entering, it is easier to move the sound device when the penis isn’t swollen and squeezing against the rod.

Solid rods, sounds or penis plugs do not allow for urination or ejaculation while wearing them.
If the user wants to ejaculate or urinate, they should get one that is hollow.

The female urethra is only a few inches long; do not force it to go further!
If the sound is forced further than this it can enter the bladder. At this point, infection rates are much higher.

Anyone using sounds should have their own set to use. Do not share them.
Even with the best cleaning methods, it is still possible to transmit bacteria from one person to another this way. Infections are not fun and simply having one set per person helps keep everything safer and cleaner.

The shaft and the head of the penis should be cleaned with alcohol beforehand and sterile lube should be used because it is entering the body.
The inside of the urethra is a warm, wet place where plenty of bacteria can grow very quickly; use sterile lubricant to help prevent this.

Do not use sounding devices that are too thin (such as household items).
The smaller items become needles that can pierce the skin, which is dangerous.

If there is swelling, discharge, numbness or pain after the sound is removed, see a doctor.
This could be a sign of infection and needs to be treated immediately.

Never force a toy down the urethra!
This should be obvious, but for those who are a little more masochistic, keep in mind there is a difference between pain and injury.


If an actual prolapse occurs, go to the hospital.
There is a difference between simulating a rosebud by suctioning the anus and causing it to pucker and having folds of the rectum hanging out of the anus. If an actual prolapse occurs, please visit the hospital before any further damage is done.

Expert Tips & Advice

Fluids It is incredibly important to remember that toys and people are more likely to be exposed to bodily fluids during medical play. Wear protection, have a conversation about STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections or STDs) and sanitize everything before and after use.

Communication and clear boundaries beforehand. This is true for all BDSM scenes. However, due to the nature of this kind of play, it is even more important to be clear about what is desired and how the bottom or submissive will respond and communicate to the Dominant if they are in pain or uncomfortable.

Ask the submissive or patient how they want to feel. Do they want to feel vulnerable? Embarrassed? Humiliated? What kind of scene are they desiring? Is there more of a focus on the devices and the gloves and sensation of it on their skin?

To make the scene more realistic, dress up! It’s more fun and really adds to the eroticism when people commit to their role. Add an outfit that really helps set the scene as well as authentic medical devices!

Research how to properly use each toy. Medical device ‘how to’ videos are available on YouTube for nurses and doctors. The more knowledge you have, the more a scene will be enjoyable and safe for everyone.


To make it more enjoyable for the female “patient” or submissive, warm up the speculum under warm water and insert after lubricating. Unless shocking them with intentional temperature play is the goal, a cold, steel device inserted into the vagina will cause the muscles to contract rather than relax. As any woman can attest to, a cold speculum in a doctor’s office is rather unpleasant.

Be careful not to close speculums completely. Many speculums can pinch the delicate tissue that has just been spread when closing the speculum and removing it. Avoid this by not closing it completely while inserted.

Many medical devices are metal and so are perfect conductors for ElectroSex toys. These medical devices are already primed and ready to be paired with some electro-stimulation. However, be careful about where electricity is being sent and what part of the body you’re grounding to. For more information, check out our Guide to ElectroSex Gear.


For men, insert a sound while penis is flaccid. The less rigid the cock, the easier it will be to insert the rod.
1. Hold penis at a 90 degree angle.
2. Drop a dollop of sterile lube over the urethra hole and slowly insert.
3. Allow the weight of the rod and gravity to do the work of getting the rod deeper in.
4. It’s normal for the rod to rotate slightly, so allow it to adjust with the body.

If using a penis plug, get one with a ring so it doesn't slip in and get lost.
This is similar to butt plugs in that things that enter the body, even in orifices that generally expel waste, tend to also suck foreign objects up inside them. Having a ring at the end will give the user a way to pull the plug back out.

When trying urethral sounding for the first time, it’s absolutely necessary to go slow and be careful.
The risk of injury is greater the faster and more forceful someone goes.

It’s important to be aroused when trying to sound.
For women, this means warming up the clitoris and masturbating. Being aroused relaxes the urethra and makes it more pliable for stretching and massaging. While inserting the sound, keep massaging the erogenous zones that are arousing so that it’s easier to adjust to the urethra being penetrated.

It is normal for urethral sounding to be uncomfortable or painful the first few times.
Just like any type of penetration, the body needs to get used to the feeling of it. Go slow, use lots of lube and don’t try to stretch anything too fast!

Use sounding to edge, rather than to orgasm. Hold off on orgasming until the very end.
Wait to orgasm. High levels of arousal are necessary for this to work. Once orgasm is achieved, the nerves can become too sensitive and having the sound still inserted can become painful or uncomfortable to remove. For men, unless they have a hollow, tubelike sound, ejaculating will cause semen to build up and the pressure can be uncomfortable for them. It’s best to take the sound out prior to orgasm or ejaculation.

Let the body rest in-between sessions and keep the sessions short.
These are invasive practices that can be difficult on the body. Let 3-5 days pass between sessions to fully recover.

Drink lots of cranberry juice and water to help limit urinary tract infections.
Do this in addition to using sterile equipment and sterile lube, not instead of proper sanitary practices.

It is not uncommon to see a few drops of blood when first sounding.
There could be micro-tears from the stretching. Slow down, use sterile lube. If it is not painful, it’s okay to proceed with caution.

For women, especially, it is helpful to lay on their back with a mirror in hand.
This allows them to see what they're doing and to be comfortable and relaxed.

Urinate after each session to help clean out the urethra.
A burning sensation is normal after each session and it can be uncomfortable while urinating. However, make sure to urinate afterwards and don’t avoid it.

The risk of infection is much higher if the sound device reaches the bladder.
For women, there is a much higher risk due to their short urethras. For men, it’s less of an issue but still something to be cautious of.


Use them on your own skin first.
While it is not the same sensation when someone sees it coming, it is still a great way to test pressure and sensation. Those needle tips can be sharp! The person using them should try them on themselves first.

Drag them across the skin, roll them or tap them.
The wheels aren’t just for rolling; use them in a variety of ways, just don’t stab anyone with them. Rolling them across the nipples or around them, up and down the limbs and over sensitive areas feels amazing! However, avoid the eyes and the urethra.

Use pinwheels after a good flogging.
The blood has already come to the surface of the skin making it sensitive. Double the intensity by adding a pinwheel.


Can I use plastic speculums more than once?
No. These are single-use devices.

Do I need to get special sounding rods for myself or can I experiment with similar items I’ve found around the house?
The chances for infection and injury when using devices that are not meant for insertion into the urethra is high! Only use safe, approved and sterilized items.

Do I need to go to a class to learn how to use medical devices?
It depends on the device. The devices listed above are generally safe to use if precautions are taken and no one is forcing anything. However, for more extreme medical fetishes such as needle play, injections with syringes, cutting and scalpels or any other fetish that involves blood, it’s important to take a class and learn how to keep everyone safe.

Is sounding dangerous?
Anything can be dangerous if the one doing them is not careful to keep things clean and to take it slow. As long as those involved are careful and keep things safe, sane, consensual and clean, things tend to turn out fine.

Disclaimer: XR LLC sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.