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Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath

SKU: NS100

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Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath

SKU: NS100

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The toy's bark is worse than its bite. The Wartenburg Wheel is a classic nerve stimulator, designed to create a sharp sensation to the skin without drawing blood. Gently roll this sadistic device along the most delicate parts of your sub and watch them squirm in delight. Unless excessive pressure is applied, you won't have to worry about leaving any unwanted marks, while still causing a delicious prickling sensation. A sheath in included for safe storage.


she's splayed out on the table, her arms tied above her head and her legs spread eagle. I hold the Wartenburg Wheel up by her face so that she can see it. her eyes widen and My sudden laugh startles her, "Looks pretty intimidating, doesn't it?" she nods slowly, and raises her eyes to meet Mine. Normally she would get a spanking for daring to meet My gaze without permission, but her ass is not accessible in her current position, and I've got other things in store for her. The spanking can wait. "Keep your eyes on Mine. Don't even think about looking anywhere else." I lightly place the sharp pins of the Wartenburg Wheel on her shoulder and begin rolling it down her chest. her eyes are still saucers and when I reach the delicate flesh of her breasts , she bites a lip. Very slowly, I roll the wheel over her nipples and she begins to moan. "Shhh..." her eyebrows knit together in desperation and desire. I roll the wheel down her stomach and she begins to pant. Lower, lower, and finally she looks down in the direction it's heading. More soft moans escape her pretty mouth as she closes her eyes and arches her sex up to meet her fate.

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