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Guide to Enema Equipment

The most common reason people use enemas is for hygiene or to feel fresh and clean before anal sex. While enemas are generally done in preparation for or because of a medical condition, there are a growing group of people who enjoy anal and use enemas in an erotic way. For any type of anal play, one of the biggest concerns is that it might be messy. While there are some who fetishize scat (fecal matter), others want to avoid it at all costs. Once people start using them, however, they enjoy the feeling more and more and the very acting of cleaning up becomes erotic and intimate.

In this guide we will cover what enema equipment is, types of equipment available, what the best enema equipment available is, and some advice on how to use them.

Guide to Enema Equipment

The most common reason people use enemas is for hygiene or to feel fresh and clean before anal sex. While enemas are generally done in preparation for or because of a medical condition, there are a growing group of people who enjoy anal and use enemas in an erotic way. For any type of anal play, one of the biggest concerns is that it might be messy. While there are some who fetishize scat (fecal matter), others want to avoid it at all costs. Once people start using them, however, they enjoy the feeling more and more and the very acting of cleaning up becomes erotic and intimate.

In this guide we will cover what enema equipment is, types of equipment available, what the best enema equipment available is, and some advice on how to use them.

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Table of Contents

What is Enema Equipment and Who Enjoys Using It?

Enema equipment includes anything that is specifically meant to clean the anus, rectum and colon. The point of an enema is to insert liquid, usually a saline solution or water, into the bowels in order to empty them. These medical devices are available and widely used to help people with constipation or fever.

For those who enjoy and eroticize the feeling of liquids filling their colon, this fetish is called klismaphilia. This fetish applies both to those who enjoy receiving as well as giving them. When the enema fluid is inserted into the anus, an intense pressure builds and presses against sensitive erotic zones such as the P-spot in men and the G-Spot or A-spot in women. The intense pressure builds and then ultimately releases as the bowels are emptied again. Both the feeling of being bloated and full of fluid as well as the release of pressure can cause ejaculation or orgasm and intense euphoria. Some klismaphiliacs (enema fetishists) replace genital stimulation and intercourse entirely with enema play and desire multiple enemas per day.

The concept of enemas is nothing new, however. Before it was used extensively as a medical treatment, it was used by cultures all over the world. The ancient Mayans used them during rituals and included tobacco, alcohol and lily flowers in their liquid mix. Those living during the Early Roman Empire regularly used enemas in bathhouses. Ancient Egyptians used them both medicinally and to inebriate themselves.

Modern day users generally don’t know the history of enemas, but they will do something called boofing, the practice of inserting liquids or other chemicals into the anus in order to get intoxicated quickly.

Why You Need Enema Equipment

Enemas are used frequently for medical reasons, but the reasons discussed here are purely for sanitation and pleasure. People do not need enemas in order to have anal sex. However, most people prefer cleaning themselves out and not having to worry about any fecal matter or stool during play.

Others enjoy the sensation of being filled up with fluids from an enema. A few fetishize this, and can even use it to push their own limits or their partners limits. It can feel invigorating and cathartic to them and they see it as both erotic and practical for anal play. However, it’s important to do this safely, and to have the right equipment.

Types of Enema Equipment

At Home Enema Kits Kits that generally include everything needed to clean the bowels but meant specifically for home use.

Shower Enema Systems Great for the frequent enema user who prefers to use enemas in an easy to clean place such as a shower or tub. Users can clean their anus while cleaning the rest of their body at the same time!

Enema Bulbs and Syringes These are reusable enemas that are great to travel with due to their small size and weight. The bulb is filled with water and then the user can compress the bulb to add pressure and shoot it into the anus. At the end of the bulb is usually a nozzle (or silicone or plastic syringe) that is inserted into the anus past the sphincter in order to bring fluids into the rectum without spilling. These tend to not get as deep of a clean as full enema kits.

Enema Bags and Water Bottles Similar in look and feel to a hot water bag that you would place over cramped muscles, the enema bags are rubber bags that can be filled with any fluid desired. Saline solutions or mineral water meant specifically for enemas are best to clean the digestive tract. However, those who enjoy enema play may fill them with their favorite liquids after the colon is thoroughly cleansed.

Enema Nozzles and Butt Plugs For some, the pleasant sensation of being penetrated is something arousing. Adding an attachment that turns enema cleansing into masturbation or play is a huge plus! There are a variety of nozzles that have bulbs and ridges, some are soft and others are hard. A few, such as this Huge Inflatable Enema Butt Plug, are meant to stretch the receiver's anus while they get filled up to the brim with fluid.

Materials & Cleaning


  • Most preferred material used for sex toys
  • Longer shelf life than most materials
  • Easily cleaned before and after use
  • Can retain heat and cold for long periods of time so it can warm to your body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic and non-porous

To Clean: Boil for 5-10 minutes and then wash with an antibacterial soap.

Safety: Do not use with silicone-based lube.

ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene): A thermoplastic polymer that has a low melting point (can easily be melted and molded into different shapes).

To Clean: Use warm water and mild soap and wipe with a soft, cotton cloth.

Safety: Prolonged use and exposure to chemicals (used in cleaning or disinfecting) can cause the plastic to crack or become more porous. Replace these items more regularly than silicone or metal. Keep out of extreme heat or the plastic can become misshapen.


  • More affordable than silicone, great for beginners
  • More porous than silicone, so it’s harder to keep clean
  • Can’t easily be disinfected
  • Can have a nice, heavy weight to them

To Clean: Rubber is very porous and the chemical composition of each brand varies. Some rubber products contain phthalates which can be harmful to your health. Wash with mild soap and warm water and do not share any rubber toys.

Safety: Do not expose to extreme heat as it will degrade the rubber. For long-term use, switch to high-grade silicone.

Polypropylene: A type of plastic commonly used to make bottle caps, bottles, fittings and other shapes.

To Clean: Wash with warm water and mild soap.

Safety: Use a soft cotton cloth on the material to avoid scratches. Do not share toys if there is a risk of sharing STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections aka STDs).

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (thermoplastic rubber aka “skin-safe rubber”): PVC is an easily moldable plastic and TPE is an easily moldable rubber.

To Clean: Clean with mild soap and warm water using a washcloth. Dry after each use before storing.

Safety: This material is porous. PVC is a plastic and TPE is a rubber, meaning they are more porous and sometimes contain chemicals harmful for the body, so make sure you buy ones that are labeled non-porous and phthalate-free or use a condom with it as a barrier. This type of material doesn’t stand up well to extreme heat, so store it in a cool, dark place.

Metal: Zinc alloy, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum: These are a few of the most common metals used in toys and equipment. Read the product description for more information on which specific metal is used.

To Clean: Can be boiled, or disinfected with medical grade body-safe disinfectants. Use warm water and soap to get initial dirt and debris off. Soak or boil in a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water for 10 minutes, then place in the dishwasher.

Safety: Be careful about letting these materials get too hot or cold during temperature play as rectal tissue cannot protect itself against being burnt or frozen.

Buyer’s Guide to Enema Equipment

For first time enema users, getting something simple for themselves that works well creates a safe testing zone to see if this is something they like. Enema kits and anal douche sets are a great place to start.

Once they’ve experienced something positive and want to try more, graduating on to more interesting and advanced ways of filling themselves up includes getting body-safe, long-lasting equipment. Check out our recommendations below to explore what this is all about!

Beginner Users

Premium One-Way Valve Anal Douche Set Comes with a 225 ML bulb and 3 choices of nozzles. Great for cleaning out the anus when away from home.

Easy Clean Enema Bulb and Lube Launcher Kit Includes a silicone enema bulb as well as anal lube and a lube launcher that assist the user in getting lubricant past the sphincter with ease, mess-free.

Water Bottle Douche Kit Great for beginner’s who are shy and want to try anal. Comes with all the basic enema kit supplies at a low price.

Experienced/Advanced Users

Go Deep Anal Cleansing Kit with Huge Dildo Includes a large dildo, a bulb, a silicone nozzle and a lubricant launcher. This kit prepares the user to clean their rectum, then insert their favorite lube with the lube launcher and start playing with their Tower of Pleasure Dildo.

Premium Shower Enema Set with Silicone Tips This kit includes a water regulator that attaches to your shower head, allowing you to control the amount of water that is diverted into the hose.

Cleanstream Shower Enema System Outfitted to attach to a home shower system without impeding the shower itself. This system includes a 6 foot hose and two different size nozzles.

Enema Accessories

Latex Gloves are not necessary, but may give the person administering the enema a more medical feel and look, and they do serve as a barrier to any bacteria or infection that could be transmitted via small cuts and tears on either the hands or within the anus and rectum itself.

Nozzles such as these help users customize their enema experience with different penetrative anal experiences. Different textures, sizes and materials make for a wide range of sensations.

Shower Attachments

  • Diverter Switch Shower Valve Allows for the enema system to stay attached to the shower and for the water flow to be easily diverted between the two.
  • Wide Shower Enema Nozzle This enema nozzle offers a visually stimulating brushed aluminum exterior and tapered tip for easy insertion and use.

Anal Lube helps with insertion of nozzle tips, syringes, and plugs.

Using Enemas Safely

Limit liquid quantity at first.
If too much liquid is used in the process of using an enema, the body might hold some in and it will leak later. Unless the goal is to make a mess, err on the side of caution and use less rather than more liquid.

Monitor liquid temperature.
Enema liquid should be room temperature. The tissue in the bowels is sensitive and not meant to protect itself from extreme heat or cold. Be careful not to agitate the colon as it could get inflamed and lead to perforations and tears during anal sex.

Let the air out.
Make sure to squeeze out any air at the tip of the nozzle prior to insertion. Trapped gas inside the colon can be uncomfortable to the receiver and will be expelled as gas. Simply allow fluid to start to trickle out of the end of the nozzle or syringe before entering the anus.

Limit bowel stretching.
Although many users enjoy the feeling of stretching their limits, understand what those limits are and tread lightly. If the bowels are stretched farther than their healthy limit, it could lead to perforations, tears or prolapses. If there are tears in the bowels, their contents could leak into the body potentially causing serious infection and would require medical attention.

Be aware of previous medical conditions.
Anyone with rectal prolapse should not use enemas. Those with hemorrhoids should be careful not to aggravate the situation further by using enemas. Do not use after bowel obstruction or colon surgery to avoid bowel perforations.

Using different fluids can be unsafe.
Saline solutions and water are the safest to use. When people use other kinds of liquids such as coffee, milk, juice, alcohol or any other liquid other than water can cause irritation to the lining of the rectum and increase the risk of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections aka STDs).

Do not overuse enemas.
Using enemas too often actually dehydrates the colon. So if a condom breaks, the dried up internal tissue would be more likely to tear and would also absorb any liquids (such as semen) that entered the rectum, thus increasing the risk of STIs.

Never share your enema bag, bulb or syringe.
Internal gut bacteria is unique to each person and shouldn’t be shared. These items are hard to clean well enough to share with another user, so make sure each person has their own enema kit.

Expert Tips & Advice

Administer the enema somewhere that feels comfortable.
Most people prefer to administer their enemas on a bed so they can relax. Others, concerned about leaking fluids, will choose to do it on the bathroom floor over a towel or in the tub or shower. Wherever the enema is administered, users tend to feel most comfortable with a toilet nearby for the following 30 minutes to an hour.

Have a bathroom nearby.
After using an enema, stay close to a bathroom for about an hour after cleaning. If the liquid has gone deep into the bowels, the initial emptying of the bowels may have released most of what was injected, but not all of it. A second urge to expel liquid may come about during the next hour, or leaking may occur.

Do light exercise or movement after cleaning.
Body movement helps the bowels move. After cleaning, we no longer are worrying about any fecal matter being expelled; that all has been emptied. We may, however, worry about liquid spilling out. To move the process along and to feel more confident, walk around, stretch or do mild exercise to give yourself extra confidence that your next strenuous activity will be mess-free.

Enemas, contrary to many people’s assumptions, are very dehydrating. Make sure to keep the body hydrated by drinking electrolyte water.

Fast a few hours prior to sexual penetration.
The main point of using an enema is to expel fecal matter from the bowels. When planning on having anal sex after cleaning the rectum, fast for a few hours so there’s even less to digest and process through the digestive tract.

Shit happens!
At the end of the day, even the most experienced enema users have accidents and make unintended messes. Choose a partner that is understanding and won’t freak out at the sight of poop, and simply have a towel on hand and clean it up with soap and water.

Disclaimer: XR LLC sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.