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Intake Rosebud Device

SKU: AD229

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Intake Rosebud Device

SKU: AD229

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For intense, advanced anal play utilize this rosebud device in your regular routine... Read more...


For intense, advanced anal play utilize this rosebud device in your regular routine

Place this device against your own or your partner's anus and create an airtight seal with a little lube. Turn the knob slowly, building pressure in the cylinder, and watch everything unfold! The Intake Rosebud Device will suck that asshole until the desired effect is achieved, a swollen pucker to be played with and fucked. Turn the knob the opposite direction to release the pressure and gain access to the rosebud.


He plays with my tight little asshole, circling it with his lubed-up fingers and gently inserting one while I moan. I spread open my ass cheeks, inviting him to use our new toy. "I can't wait to see that little hole all swollen for my cock," he whispers, and his breath against my lubed ass makes me shiver. Finally he places the Intake Rosebud Device against my anus, creates a strong seal, and begins to turn the knob. I gasp in shocked delight, and so does he, as I feel my asshole sucked up into the cylinder. The sensation is unlike anything I've felt before, my sphincter opening up while a pulsing builds in my hole. "Now I can put anything I want in there," he says again, turning just a little more before sitting back to admire his work. He hands me a hand mirror and I look down at what he's done to me: my anus is puckered out, distended from my body. It looks as good as it feels.

Intake Rosebud Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 4 inches in total length, 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Turn the knob to create an airtight seal against your partner's anus
  • The clear cup allows you watch as you achieve the desired effects
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