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Guide to Chastity Devices

A lot of people have fantasized what it would be like to give over their power to someone else. In a way, giving someone else power to choose and make decisions is lifting a burden off their shoulders. Additionally, it can excite them and give them an erotic focus to the keyholder that they’d never imagined before. Wearing a chastity device such as a chastity belt or a chastity cage is one of the ways people have explored this fantasy.

In this guide, we’ll go over the surprising history of chastity belts, what kind of chastity devices are available and what to get and how to properly dive into this enjoyable fetish.

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What is a Chastity Device?

A chastity device is something that is worn around the genitalia in order to prevent intercourse or masturbation. Devices for men are generally more varied and available due to the high demand for them, while there are only a few chastity devices available for women. Men wear chastity cages which make it nearly impossible to have an erection and women wear chastity belts so that they cannot touch their clitoris or be penetrated in any way.

The history behind chastity belts and devices is something that is more myth than fact. Many people believed chastity belts were commonly placed on daughters or wives to preserve their faithfulness while their husband or father (the keyholders of their purity) were away. However, not only have there only been a few chastity belts presented as artifacts, the timeline for when the chastity belt was made and when these cultural stories circulated aren’t the same.

In short, the facts don’t add up.

Most historians doubt that chastity belts ever existed, because everyone knew there was always someone else with a key who could unlock them and a piece of metal wouldn’t stop them. Additionally, construction of a sanitary and comfortable metal garment during the Middle Ages that wouldn’t harm the wearer or cause open wounds that could get infected was challenging. After all, this was an era where most people didn’t even take baths regularly.

At present, the most likely explanation as to where chastity belts originated from is art. The Smithsonian claims that “Chastity Belts are a Myth” and describes humorous art depicting a husband locking the keys on his wife’s belt while a man is waiting in the shadows with another key, soon to make the husband a cuckold. As “life imitates art”, so it could have been with the myth of the chastity belt turning into reality.

From the 18th century until the early 1930’s, masturbation was considered detrimental to a person’s health. Chastity devices were then used as a way to keep wearers from engaging in this activity. By the 1930’s, there was no evidence to suggest a legitimate medical reason to refrain from masturbation and chastity devices were no longer suggested as a solution.

Some 19th century women did wear chastity belts as a form of protection against rape from their bosses or male colleagues. They only wore these belts for short periods of time so it would not risk becoming unsanitary.

In the past century, the purposes and users of chastity devices have changed quite a bit from the 1800’s. In 1981 during a speech by former California State Senator John. G. Schmitz on banning abortion, Gloria Allred handed him a chastity belt to which he called her a “slick, butch lawyeress”. She sued him for libel and settled for $20,000 and an apology. The 1998 race riots against the Chinese in West Java prompted the sale of “rape corsets” to protect women from sexual violence. Lucio Valentini’s fashionable iron chastity belts were published in newspapers worldwide in 2007. That same year in Rajasthan, India, it was revealed that young girls were being forced to wear chastity belts. In 2008, masseuses were required to wear belts in order to prevent the possibility of prostituion in some workplaces.

However, chastity devices have now become commonly employed as part of fetish and fantasy roleplay and are easily found today with more devices crafted for male rather than female chastity.

Why You Need a Chastity Device

People enjoy chastity devices for a number of reasons. The most popular reason is to have or give up a sense of control. Some use it only during bdsm sessions and others do this for weeks or months and consider it part of their lifestyle.

Beyond keeping the wearer from having intercourse, here are some other popular reasons users of these devices find this experience desirable.

  • Tease and Denial Chastity can be extremely arousing when used to tease the wearer. A male cannot get an erection and a female cannot touch her clit or insert anything in her vagina. Anyone who wears one cannot masturbate, so whoever has the key to unlock the chastity belt or cage can control orgasms. Teasing a partner into a frenzy of desire and then denying them is a form of edging where their arousal reaches new heights and the resulting orgasm when they’re finally allowed to masturbate or have sex is incredibly intense.
  • Control Whether for reasons of distrust or pleasure, the keyholder is the only one able to give the wearer release or sex. Many submissives want their control taken away and enjoy offering their pleasure and pain as an act of service. Without the chastity device, they may find themselves masturbating too much or they may find that their orgasm isn’t as satisfying if it isn’t because their Dominant, the keyholder, gives them permission. Being given a command or permission to orgasm is the ultimate form of release for many chastity device wearers.
  • Selfless Service & Keeping submissives on Task Without the ability to sneak in a self-gratifying orgasm, submissives will be more focused on pleasing and serving their Dominant. Additionally, when a Dominant gives a task to their submissive, they may not actually do the task and just masturbate to the idea of being told what to do. The belt or cage keeps them focused and unable to be “distracted”.
  • Protection and Safety While some history shows that chastity belts were used to keep females safe from rape, others were used to keep them chaste against their will. The intention is really what defines the experience. Some submissives enjoy wearing the device because it makes them feel owned, desired and protected.
  • Torture and Humiliation Not being able to masturbate, ejaculate or orgasm can be described as torturous. Many Dominants will have their submissive naked wearing nothing but a chastity device and serve their friends who often humiliate and tease them. While everyone else is enjoying themselves and free to engage in sexual acts, they are forced to watch. This type of humiliation and torture can be highly arousing and lead to an incredibly satisfying release days or weeks later.
  • Cuckolding. Similar to tease and denial, this takes it further making the one wearing the cage impotent and emasculated, helpless to do anything sexual while they watch two people—generally a well hung man and a woman who is the partner of the cuckold.
  • Emasculation To emasculate a man means to take away their male role or identity. Many men find that their penis and their virility (ability to get an erection and have a strong sex drive) defines them. Some men feel they are only as useful as their cocks. So, to take away the power their penis signifies changes the psychological as well as the sexual dynamic.
  • Rekindling Desire in a Relationship In many relationships, the desire for sex can dwindle and couples go through mundane routines. They may masturbate on their own more than they interact sexually with each other. This shifts the relationship by first shifting access to orgasm. By creating a power dynamic that is new, the relationship shifts and becomes more interesting and new. As one partner teases and denies the other, sexual energy that may have been dwindling starts to rekindle again and the resulting release once an orgasm is finally given is satisfying and helps the couple bond. Because orgasms and sex become less accessible, each orgasm becomes a special occasion that connects the partners involved. Additionally, the longer the wearer of the device is kept under lock, the more their thoughts focus on the one with the key, creating a powerful sexual focus on the keyholder.
  • Stimulation Wearing a chastity device can be frustrating and stimulating. While it inhibits the wearer from touching themself, it brings more awareness to their genitalia and sexual organs. If a man’s cock is locked up, the focus is on their ass and anal penetration/play instead, increasing the sensitivity there. The biggest sex organ in the body is the brain and the erotic fantasy of being freed by the keyholder and allowed release is arousing in and of itself.
  • Increasing the Libido After being caged up for so long, many wearers find that their bottled-up tension makes them much more horny and aroused. The build up of testosterone in men when they aren’t having sex gives them more energy. Many men redirect that energy into exercising and going to the gym.
  • To Strengthen the Dominant/submissive Relationship. Giving up control of sexual satisfaction inherently makes the one locked up dependent on the keyholder. They enter into a power dynamic and a psychological dynamic that can help strengthen the D/s (Dominant/submissive) sides in both partners.
  • Games Some people enjoy playing games with chastity. For example, if a cage has a lock that rattles, they may get excited by playing with how quiet they can keep it or the mind-game it is to wear it at work wondering if anyone knows that they have it on. Others use it as a form of consensual punishment. For example, if a caged submissive forgets to properly greet their Mistress, the Mistress may simply hold up a few fingers indicating how many days will be added to their chastity as punishment for breaking protocol. For those who have to wear a cage for longer periods of time, they begin to wonder if they will ever be able to take it off; the desperation of wanting to please the keyholder takes hold of their minds and fantasies.

Types of Chastity Devices

Male Chastity Devices These devices are meant to fit around a flaccid penis and prevent erection or, at the very least, make it very uncomfortable. They also prevent masturbation and sexual intercourse until unlocked. There are some that combine the cock cage with an anal hook inserted in the anus and locked to the cage to prevent anal penetration, as well.

Female Chastity Devices These devices are worn like panties but cover the entrance to the vagina. There are also some that block the entrance to the anus, as well. They prevent penetration for sexual intercourse as well as masturbation.

Chastity Accessories The most common accessories include locks and safes for the locks and keys

Materials & Cleaning

Silicone: Most preferred sex toy material. Non-porous, easy to clean, long shelf-life.

To Clean: Remove any bacteria or dirt build up with warm water and antibacterial soap. Boil the cage for 5-10 minutes and then wash with an antibacterial soap.

*Do not use with silicone-based lube.

Leather: Classic and sexy, it will stretch and form around the wearer’s member over time for a perfect fit.

To Clean: Wipe clean with warm water and mild soap. Remove any dirt or debris by scrubbing it off. Let air dry. Moisturize with saddle soap and mink oil. Spray with antibacterial spray or sterilizing spray.

PU Leather: Vegan, imitation leather. Less porous than leather; easier to clean.

To Clean: Remove any bacteria or dirt build up with mild soap and water. Use an antibacterial spray and wipe clean.

Metal (Chrome, Steel, Aluminum): Non-Porous, easy to clean, compatible with all lube types. Temperature sensitive.

To Clean: Remove any build up of bacteria from the cage. Soak or boil in a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water for 10 minutes, place in the dishwasher or use warm water and soap. Wipe with a soft cloth.


To Clean: Wipe off any build up of residue, dirt or bacteria and thoroughly clean with antibacterial soap and warm water. Use a very soft cloth and be careful not to scratch the inside of the device so it doesn’t have any rough spots that might become abrasive to the skin later on. Spray with an antibacterial or sterilizing spray if possible. Then, thoroughly dry.

Buyer’s Guide to Chastity Devices

When chastity piques someone’s interest, they are bound to start looking for how to try it. It’s best to check the FAQ below and learn how to choose the best size for a device. However, below are some of the most popular devices that have been tried and true for many chastity device enthusiasts!


Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage Great for short-term use when just trying out chastity cages. Made of TPE plastic, waterproof and see-through. No lock included, so no need to be concerned with losing keys!

Silicone Chastity Cock Cage This locking cage is made of silicone and so it will be more comfortable to wear, easier to fit into and won’t set off security alarms. Comes in three different sizes.

Adjustable Female Chastity Belt This low-cost option for female chastity is a great starter piece! Meant for short-term wear, this locking device covers the vagina and the anus. Made of PU leather.


The CB6000S Male Chastity Device Is great for long-term play. This device allows the wearer to adjust to their perfect snug fit. This version is made for men with slightly shorter cocks. For those who need more length, try the CB6000 Male Chastity Device.

Stainless Steel Adjustable Female Chastity Belt This female chastity belt looks great on and limits the submissives access to their vagina and clitoris. It has openings for bathroom use, but only the keyholder can release them to allow them to enjoy pleasure! Comes with tools and hardware to adjust for the perfect fit.


Entrapment Deluxe Locking Chastity Cage This set comes with one solid cap, one cum-thru tip cap, and two different ball ring sizes. The end caps can be removed separately in order to tease the tip of a penis without removing the chastity cage. The set is perfect for chastity play: control your partner's cock and limit how excited they can get with this secure, locking cage!

E-Stimulation Chastity Cock Cage This chastity cage will prevent your slave from getting an erection, keeping his pathetic penis trapped at your mercy, but it also allows you to take the torment to a whole new level! Connect the included E-stim unit to send electrical currents into the device, teasing him with tingles or tormenting him with terrifying shocks!

Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage This brutal cage is designed and built for the ultimate BDSM enthusiast seeking a chastity toy that both intimidates and stimulates! The inside of the cage is lined with stunning spikes that are pointed enough to stimulate, but dull enough to keep your subs member from getting injured.

Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System For serious players who love the bondage aesthetic, this full body chastity set is incredibly sexy and keeps the submissive from being penetrated or able to touch themselves anywhere! There is one hole at the anus for bathroom use. Comes with chains and restraints so the submissive will have every movement restricted by the keyholder.


Sterile Lubricating Jelly A must have when playing with chastity devices. Make sure to use lube on the inside of the cock cage and on the crotch area of the chastity belt. Sterile lube helps prevent bacteria and improves hygiene.


Clean the device thoroughly every week.
Leaving a toy on for longer than a week without cleaning is unhygienic. Body oils, dead skin, hair and bacteria build up in the warm, dark containment and need proper cleaning. Make a ritual out of taking the toy off and when it is off check for any scratches or abrasive surfaces in the toy before putting it back on. Thoroughly clean with antibacterial spray and soap and wash the genitals thoroughly.

Pro-Tip: Clean your device with a hairdryer. Bacteria grows in warm, damp, dark spaces. Emphasis on damp. To decrease the risk of bacteria growing, use a blow dryer on low heat to help dry out the device after showering.

Use toy and body-safe lube on the inside of the cage before inserting the penis.
Making sure there’s enough lube to allow the flaccid penis to slide in will reduce any risks of pinching, tugging or catching of the skin on the inside of the device.

Take it slow and be careful of the clasps and locks.
Pinching can happen and while some submissives like pain, it isn’t safe to have their skin pinched in the device and then have them unable to adjust it.

Putting it on.
Put the cock-ring portion of the cage on first. Insert one testicle, then the next, then the penis. After that, slide the rest of the chastity cage onto the cock. Very carefully and slowly secure it. Once secured and locked, gently tug the balls downward and away from the device.

Have a spare key and a safe place for it.
Imagine needing to get the device off and not knowing where the key is? In fantasy role-play, this can be fun. In reality, not so much. Keep a spare in a safe and always know where the key is at all times, or the device may not be taken off by a keyholder but instead by a medical professional.

When just starting to explore chastity devices, make sure the keyholder is available in case of emergencies.
If the wearer ends up with the wrong size, cannot calm an erection or if the cage is poorly designed, there can be harm or damage done to the genitalia. Until some of the kinks are worked out, make sure the keyholder can take it off. After finding the right size and testing it out a few times, it should be safe to wear it for prolonged periods.

Create Safe-Words in case an emergency comes up.
Creating safe words (a specific word or phrase used to let the participants know something is wrong or the scene or play needs to be paused to discuss an emergency or renegotiate) is a safety measure that needs to be included in any type of BDSM play. This particular type of play involves giving all the chastity device wearer’s power up… but if there is a serious problem, they need to be able to say “Hey! Something’s really wrong ! I need to get this off me!” without the keyholder refusing. These words also allow the keyholder or Dominant to feel like they are able to be fully committed to the situation which can often include pain or humiliation and requires a submissive who will be trustworthy enough to communicate when the scene goes too far.

Expert Tips & Advice

Make sure to get measurements before purchase.

For Men: Make sure that cages properly fit so that they don’t harm the genitals, limit blood circulation or cause chafing. Depending on the girth of the cock, some cages will not fit over the penis. Measure the penis both erect and flaccid.
For Women: Make sure that the belt fits over the waist, hips, crotch length and buttocks. Measure these areas with a soft measuring tape commonly used by seamstresses.

Measure for length and girth of the cock both flaccid and erect.
Make certain that the penis when erect can still fit in the cage. It can be very uncomfortable for a penis to get erect. If the keyholder isn’t nearby, it might be harmful if the wearer has trouble “calming down”.

Use a hemp string or ribbon to help pull the cock through the cage.
Due to the nature of a chastity cage, the penis has to remain flaccid at all times in order to be comfortable. This can make it difficult to insert into the cage. A tip to getting it in is to loosely loop a hemp string or ribbon around the head, thread it through the end of the cage and then pull gently on the cock to insert it into the cage. Either loosen and remove (if possible) or cut the end of the string off afterwards.

Take it slow when putting the chastity device on.
The act of putting on a chastity device can be very exciting. During the process, the keyholder is touching the genitalia of the one soon to be locked up. If the process is too exciting, simply take away as much stimulation as possible, let them breathe and then return to the process. This is a slow and ritualistic moment that connects the wearer and the keyholder. Don’t rush it!

When just beginning, start with wearing the belt or cage for only an hour or so at a time.
It can take the body and mind time to adjust to this new way of being and feeling. Go slow and work out the kinks before long-term lock-up is explored.

Keep the skin clean and moisturized.
This will help with chafing and abrasions.

Use ice to calm down persistent erections.
Once the device is on, erections are bound to happen (and that’s part of the fun of tease and denial!) However, they can also be uncomfortable or painful. Ice can not only help with calming an erection for many people, it can feel good to the aching cock that has all that blood pumping into it.

Schedule time with the keyholder for when you take the chastity device off for cleaning.
When the device is off, it can be tempting to keep it off. The longer it is off, the more you lose the headspace that develops while in chastity and the harder it will be to put it back on. This is in part because it contradicts the power-play involved. If the wearer takes off their own device when they want, then they haven’t truly given up their power. It’s best to have the keyholder be there in person or watch over video if it’s long-distance. Then, the keyholder can command the wearer to put it back on and the power dynamic is restored.

Wear a jockstrap or thong to help conceal the ridges of the cage.
Wearing tight-fitting or snug underwear can help minimize the appearance of the cage underneath pants. While this may not work for all cages, it’s worth trying out some comfortable and pleasing underwear to even further enhance the experience! Check out our fetish clothing here.

Practice sleeping with it on before long periods of chastity.
Every man gets an erection now and then while sleeping. If they get an erection while the cage is on, it could wake them up and keep them awake from the discomfort if they aren’t used to calming themselves down. Best to work up to longer periods and practice sleeping with it on before agreeing to days and days (and nights) of chastity.

Keep pubic hairs waxed, shaved or trimmed.
While this isn’t absolutely necessary, it can be more comfortable. Less hair means less chances for the cage or belt to catch on the hair and pull at it. Plus, for many people this is a preferable aesthetic.

Practice going to the bathroom. Sit down instead of standing when peeing.
For men, this is a relevant reminder. For those used to simply going in a urinal, the cage can cause urine to get everywhere; pants, coat, shirt and all over the cage. Peeing sitting down is not only more comfortable for many men since they can’t aim their penis in a specific direction, it also avoids a mess.

For women, wearing a belt for prolonged periods can lower the sex drive.
While it isn’t true for all women, it is possible that longer confinement may lower or dull the sex drive. Find a happy medium as to the best duration is for the wearer and the keyholder.


Can I wear a chastity device while traveling?
If traveling via airport, any metal on the device will set off the security alarm during the TSA check. Either get a belt that has only plastic or leather, or be prepared to schedule in extra time for a strip-search.

How long can I wear a chastity device?
This depends highly on your body, but generally the device needs to be taken off to clean the genitalia at least weekly and left on for no more than 2 weeks. If you notice a strong smell or feel discomfort or irritation on the skin, this could be a result of bad hygiene. Pair this with a device that chafes the skin and infections could be possible on any irritated or chafed skin.

Do I need a partner in order to try chastity?
While chastity is generally something done with couples or in Dominant/submissive relationships, there are ways to do it solo. There are people who choose to set goals for themselves to see how long they can wear it as if it is a challenge. Then there are those who simply enjoy the taboo of putting it on and going out to dinner with coworkers or to a business meeting as if keeping it a secret is part of the excitement of this mindgame.

Can I use a urinal while wearing a cage?
While it isn’t impossible, it is generally easier — and more private! — to go to the bathroom sitting down on a toilet.

Will people be able to see my chastity cage through my pants?
If someone wears really tight fitting pants, possibly. But generally speaking, it’s all in their head. Part of the fun for wearers of these devices is constantly wondering, “Who knows what I’m doing? Who can tell?”

Disclaimer: XR LLC sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.