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Penis Pumps & Pump Accessories

What Does a Penis Pump Do? aka Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) or Vacuum Constriction Devices (VCD)

Ready to gain a boost of confidence in the bedroom? A penis pump can be just the thing for you. With proper use, a penis pump can help men achieve great gains in length and girth. Pumps work by bringing blood directly into the penis. When the newfound erection is paired with a cock ring (the cock ring regulates the blood flow leaving the penis) men are able to maintain their erection for a longer period of time.

The benefits extend (no pun intended) beyond the gains of length, girth, and confidence. The visual appeal of a longer, harder erection can be alluring for both partners. The sight of that new mass could bring about a heightened arousal.

Some users simply enjoy the feel of using a penis pump. The experience of suction and growth can be appealing, in its own right.

Whatever brings you to the penis pump category, there's a variety of them to choose from and enjoy.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Here's how to use a penis pump!

  1. Prepare for the session by grooming the area around the penis (trim hairs, lubricate).
  2. Bring the pump's cylinder over the shaft and let it rest at the base of the penis. It's important, here, to make sure you find a cylinder that can comfortably accommodate your penis, especially in its enhanced state.
  3. Depending on the style of pump, make sure the pump handle is properly attached. Proceed with pumping into the cylinder, creating a vacuum seal.
  4. Slide the erection ring over the penis to help maintain the new erection
  5. Detach the pump handle (if applicable) and then release the air pressure before removing the pump from the penis.

How to Choose the Penis Pump That's Right for You

There are several types of penis pumps to consider:

  • Manual Penis Pumps: Pumps where you manually handle the pumping to control the suction and the pressure. An example of this is the Premium Penis Pump Set. If you decide on manual, there's hand grip pumps, but also digital ones.
  • Automatic Pumps: These are pumps that will provide automatic suction and pressure. An example of an automatic pump is the Bionic Electric Pump.
  • Water Based Pumps: Water based pumps, or hydro pumps - such as the Bathmate, use the benefits of water to help achieve gains in penis size.

No matter which style pump you decide to choose, make sure that the cylinder you'll be using is of the proper size. There's a selection of penis pump cylinders available, so you can find the correct size. Most men, of average penis length, will be fine with the medium cylinder, 2” in diameter. Other cylinders come in 1.75” and 2.25” to help discover the ideal fit.

Other ways to enhance your pump experience come in the form of accessories. A T-Hose connector allows you to share the pumping experience with your partner. A universal sleeve, designed for pump cylinders, adds comfort for those who aren't keen to the feel of acrylic.

With a variety of ways to engage with enlargement, you're sure to find the best way for you.

Why Shop at eXtremeRestraints

Extreme Restraints is your destination for a selection of penis pumps and penis enhancement gear, offered at top value. We have a variety of tools to help you get the most of your penis enhancement experience. You can check out our handy product guide or watch an episode of our free education show, XR University. If penis pumps aren't to your exact liking, you can also try a penis extender.