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Guide to Remote Control Sex Toys

For anyone who has had a sex toy, there’s always been a moment where we wish we had an extra hand. Most of the time, it is because we want to let go of the awkward angle we’re holding this dildo or vibrator at, or we want our hands free to do something else!

In this guide, we will briefly review remote control sex toys and give you a few tips and suggestions about which ones to get and how to best use them!

Guide to Remote Control Sex Toys

For anyone who has had a sex toy, there’s always been a moment where we wish we had an extra hand. Most of the time, it is because we want to let go of the awkward angle we’re holding this dildo or vibrator at, or we want our hands free to do something else!

In this guide, we will briefly review remote control sex toys and give you a few tips and suggestions about which ones to get and how to best use them!

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What is a Remote Control Sex Toy?

Put simply, these are toys that have a vibrator or motor inside that can be operated with a remote control. Similar to turning on the television, these toys can be turned on manually and controlled with the buttons on the toy or operated from a few feet away.

Not all toys work the same way. Some do not require the use of the remote, and some do. When you take a look at the vibrator or dildo you’ve just purchased, get to know the buttons on the device itself as well as the remote control. If there are no buttons on the toy or device, then make sure to always keep the remote control nearby as that is the only way to operate it!

An important distinction to be made is that these are not teledildonics, meaning they are not remote controlled sex toys that can be paired with bluetooth and used experienced virtually over great distances. The toys we’re referring to can only be used from an average of about three to five feet away.

Why You Need a Remote Control Sex Toy

  • No More Awkward Reach-Arounds Once you’re in the middle of having sex, it’s awkward to try and reach back or around to adjust a setting and doing so can ruin the mood. Having a control nearby to change the settings remotely helps keep you in the moment.
  • Partnered Fun Hand the remote control to your partner so they can play with different settings and enjoy watching your reactions!
  • Giving Up Control, Literally Giving up your control and surrendering to someone else means literally giving the remote to someone else. If you’re not able to adjust the settings yourself then you get to surrender and become their delicious plaything.
  • Slippery Toys Are Hard to Adjust Most toys require lubricant (make sure to use compatible lubet!) and handling them can be quite slippery. In most cases, we want slippery toys so they don’t become abrasive to our skin. However, when trying to find little buttons to change vibration settings, slippery toys are a headache. Keep the remote control nearby and never worry about fumbling around with the toy.
  • Surprise Your Lover There are many creative ways to integrate the element of surprise into lovemaking and foreplay. One of them is to introduce a remote controlled toy but not let them know it vibrates. Ask them to play a game with you: Have them place the toy inside them or against them, the toy slipped into a panty or underwear pocket, then start to play with the settings and watch them squirm!
  • Risky Public Foreplay There is something so exciting about doing things in public and seeing how far you can go without getting caught. With remote control toys, even more is possible! It is risky and edgy, but placing a toy inside a pussy or ass or slipping it discreetly in the front of her panties then heading out to run errands or go to dinner is a hot way to play with edges. Let one partner have the remote and the other has to try to keep the naughty secret as you both play out in the open!
  • Ease of Access It isn’t always easy to reach our genitals, especially if we have a physical disability or find it uncomfortable to hold our hands near our ass or pussy. If we can place the toy inside us or at a comfortable angle and have our hands free and relaxed to use the remote, it can be relaxing, arousing and liberating!

Types of Remote Control Sex Toys

  • Egg Vibrators These are egg-shaped vibrators that are inserted into the vagina. Some women enjoy the stimulation on the G-spot, and others include it in their partnered sex because the egg is small enough that a penis or dildo can also fit (if only partially). They should not be used anally as they will easily get lost and require medical removal.
  • Strapless Strap-Ons These amazing toys are strap-ons that don’t require straps! Many of them vibrate and have several features, but once inserted into the top (the one wearing the strap-on), the buttons that control vibration are difficult to reach, so having a remote control is very helpful!
  • Vibrating Anal Plugs A lot of people like to insert an anal plug and do other things with their hands. Having to fidget with vibration settings is annoying and unsanitary. Remote controls make this pleasurable and easy.
  • Vibrating Pods with Tail These can be inserted internally or used on the genitalia. Slip them into a pair of panties or tight fitting boxers so they can stimulate the clitoris or taint and control them with the remote.
  • Vibrating Dildos Remote controls change the vibration or thrusting settings on these toys so you can enjoy riding these dildos without reaching back to adjust!



  • Most preferred material used for sex toys
  • Longer shelf life than most materials
  • Easily cleaned before and after use
  • Can retain heat and cold for long periods of time so it can warm to your body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic and non-porous

To Clean:

  • Wash with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.


  • Do not use with silicone-based lube.

Realistic Dildos

  • Often made from phthalate-free PVC or TPE
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Detailed design includes veins, realistic head and scrotum-like feel that contains the balls
  • Great for maintaining the fantasy

These dildos are often made of...

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (thermoplastic rubber aka “skin-safe rubber”):

  • PVC is an easily moldable plastic and TPE is an easily moldable rubber

To Clean:

  • Clean with mild soap and warm water using a washcloth. Dry after each use before storing.


  • This material is porous. PVC is a plastic and TPE is a rubber, meaning they are more porous and sometimes contain chemicals harmful for the body, so make sure you buy ones that are labeled non-porous and phthalate-free or use a condom with it as a barrier. This type of material doesn’t stand up well to extreme heat, so store it in a cool, dark place.

Vibrating Dildos:

  • These are dildos that have a motor inside that causes the dildo to vibrate, pulse, rotate or thrust.

To Clean: First, double check to make sure your vibrating dong is waterproof before cleaning, but most vibrating dildos can be cleaned under running water with a mild soap.

  • If it has batteries: Do not submerge in water. Take out batteries. Hand wash and wipe down with a cloth using soap and water.
  • If it’s rechargeable: Do not submerge in water or put in the dishwasher (even if it’s water-resistant). Hand wash and wipe down with a cloth using soap and water.


  • Pay attention to the material used and use the compatible lube. Use condoms when sharing with a partner or playing with anal.

ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene):

  • A thermoplastic polymer that has a low melting point (can easily be melted and molded into different shapes).

To Clean:

  • Use warm water and mild soap and wipe with a soft, cotton cloth.


  • Prolonged use and exposure to chemicals (used in cleaning or disinfecting) can cause the plastic to crack or become more porous. Replace these items more regularly than silicone or metal. Keep out of extreme heat or the plastic can lose its shape.


  • A type of plastic commonly used to make bottle caps, bottles, fittings and other shapes.

To Clean:

  • Wash with warm water and mild soap.


  • Use a soft cotton cloth on the material to avoid scratches. Do not share toys if there is a risk of sharing STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections aka STDs).

Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic

  • A versatile thermoplastic that is easily molded and multi-colored
  • Similar in transparency to glass
  • Stronger than conventional plastic

To Clean:

  • Wash with mold soap and lukewarm water using a damp sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching. Do not scrub or apply heavy pressure. Rinse water often and blot dry with soft cloth or chamois.


  • Intense and exciting stimulation
  • Requires an electrical power unit

To Clean:

  • Please refer to our Guide to ElectroSex for instructions on proper care, use and cleaning of ElectroStim toys.

Buyer’s Guide to Remote Control Sex Toys

When looking for toys, figure out what kind of vibrator you’d like. Would you like an anal toy? A vibrating egg? Something insertable into the pussy? Each of these toy categories has a version that includes a remote control. Below are some of the more popular remote control options for you to easily choose from and explore!

Most Popular Remote Control Sex Toys

28X Scrambler Vibrating Egg with Remote Control This smooth and powerful egg vibrator is the perfect intro to self love! Versatile, powerful, and packed with plenty of options to explore your sexuality on your own or with your partner.

Vibrating and Rotating Remote Control Silicone Dildo with Balls Enjoy this vibrating and rotating dildo that has a suction cup base and remote for hands-free fucking!

Swell Tapered Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug Enjoy hands-free anal stimulation with this popular anal plug vibrator!

7x P-Gyro Silicone Prostate Stimulator with Gyrating Shaft Remote controlled prostate stimulation to drive you wild!

10x Remote Control Ergo-Fit G-Pulse Inflatable and Vibrating Strapless Strap-On This strapless strap-on has 10 different vibration patterns and two motors. It inflates to fit inside the vagina of the wearer, has vibration in the dildo end and vibrates on a soft pad that rests against the clitoris of the wearer. The one wearing it can enjoy clit stimulation with every thrust!

Naughty Knickers Silicone Remote Panty Vibe These panties hide the remote-controlled vibrator discreetly so you and your partner can enjoy fun out on the town or wherever you go!



For every type of toy, there is a product guide that has specific, detailed and helpful hints on how to use it safely and effectively. Please refer to our Product Guides section to learn more about the specific toy you’re interested in!

In general, when using remote control toys make sure that…

  • Everything is consensual and you both have had pre-discussed boundaries.
  • Keep toys and remotes dry! Don’t submerge them in water unless they specifically advertise that they are waterproof.
  • Don’t insert any toy in the anus unless it has a flared base.
  • Don’t hold the remote in your mouth if it’s small; it could become a choking hazard.
  • Don’t lose the remote!

Expert Tips & Advice

Find out what vibrations you enjoy before letting a partner take over.
Use the vibrator on yourself first before handing it over to a partner. This allows you to get used to the vibrations, the feel of the toy and it will help you communicate what feels good to your partner when they take over.

Make sure it’s charged/has batteries.
There’s nothing worse than reaching for your favorite vibrator only to find out it’s out of juice! Charge it after every use or have spare batteries nearby.

Use a compatible lube.
As with all toys, make sure that only compatible lubes are used. Never use silicone lubricant with a silicone toy.

Worried about losing the remote? Use blacklight paint!
A pro-tip for finding your gear in the dark is to paint a small dot of blacklight paint on the remote. Since the remote is not to be inserted in the body, you won’t have to worry about toxic paint. If you misplace the remote, use a blacklight flashlight with the lights off and the remote will jump out at you from the darkness with its brilliant glow!


Can I use my remote control sex toy with my phone or an app?
No. The ones discussed are not bluetooth compatible.

How far away can I use the remote?
Usually about three to five feet away.

Is this good for long distance relationships or online relationships?
No, these are still for in-person partnerships because they don’t connect to the internet. The ones that do are called teledildonic toys.

Disclaimer: XR LLC sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.