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Guide to Male Masturbation Toys

Masturbation is one of the most natural things for a man to do. A penis gets erect and it wants to be touched. Masturbation toys, however, are a new and exciting addition to how a man can please himself. Starting with masturbation devices that simply give a more pleasant texture than their own hand, we will move on to devices that have evolved into more complex toys that use modern technology to suck, pulse, swirl, vibrate and thrust on the cock for maximum pleasure!

In this guide we will go over a little history of male masturbation, suggest some staff favorites for which toys to try, and keep you safe and happy with a materials guide and pleasure tips!

Guide to Male Masturbation Toys

Masturbation is one of the most natural things for a man to do. A penis gets erect and it wants to be touched. Masturbation toys, however, are a new and exciting addition to how a man can please himself. Starting with masturbation devices that simply give a more pleasant texture than their own hand, we will move on to devices that have evolved into more complex toys that use modern technology to suck, pulse, swirl, vibrate and thrust on the cock for maximum pleasure!

In this guide we will go over a little history of male masturbation, suggest some staff favorites for which toys to try, and keep you safe and happy with a materials guide and pleasure tips!

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What is a Male Masturbation Toy?

A male masturbation toy is simply a toy used to stimulate the penis. More specifically, it is something to enhance masturbation. Sometimes these toys also include the anus for prostate play. For those who want to know more about anal play, please check out our Guide to Butt Plugs and Anal Toys! The toys we will talk about today focus primarily on the shaft and glans of the penis.

Masturbation is one of the earliest forms of sexual play. Anthropologists who have studied human evolution often study apes such as the chimpanzee and the bonobo. Bonobos in particular are incredibly interesting due to the way they handle stress and social tension within their group. Whenever any tension arises, they solve it with sexual release meaning they masturbate or have sex with each other to resolve conflicts.

Similarly, releasing tension with sex or masturbation is very common with humans and is generally a healthy way to relieve stress. Men have found their way into self-stimulation one way or another as soon as they started having erections. Especially during puberty, boys have found countless creative ways to explore sensation! As adults, men now have the option to continue being creative with novel toys that suck, stroke, pulse, vibrate and squeeze their cock so their orgasms are more intense than ever!

For others, sexual stimulation can be a little too stimulating and they struggle with premature ejaculation (PE). Luckily, they can train and practice sexual endurance by using stamina trainers just like some people train to develop physical endurance by going to the gym or running on a racetrack. With strokers, such as the Fleshlight, they can practice holding back from ejaculation and build sexual stamina and endurance for when they’re with a partner. Instead of being overstimulated by a lover, they can stimulate themselves at home and learn what it feels like right before they ejaculate from overstimulation so they can learn to hold back. Their lover gets to enjoy longer sessions and they feel more confident!

Masturbation does have a rather amusing and strange history, however.

Nearly the entire world has some sort of history with masturbation, save for some cultures such as those in the Congo Basin. This particular group of people neither have a word for masturbation and reportedly don’t understand the purpose of it. For more information about where masturbation does not exist, but a relaxed culture around sex does, check out this article by the Atlantic.

Ejaculation takes an altogether opposite role in other cultures, such as the Etoro tribe in New Guinea that uses ejaculation as part of a young boy’s rite of passage into manhood. Additionally, there are many cultures that believed the essence of a man was his sperm and have coming-of-age rituals that involve ejaculation.

In folklore and ancient stories, ejaculation and masturbation have a long history as well.

Ancient beliefs about ejaculate and sperm go all the way back to the Sumerians with an old tale about the god Enki ejaculating into the empty Egyptian riverbeds. It is said his ejaculate filled the riverbeds which later became the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Egyptians believed that semen originated from the spine and was a form of divine essence. In an old story about power, the Egyptian gods Horus and Set had a battle over who would trick the other into consuming the other’s sperm; in the end, Horus tricked Set into eating sperm that was lathered onto lettuce and got Set to ‘swallow’ his essence.

The ancient Greeks saw masturbation and sex as completely natural and normal; a lot of their art depicts people masturbating or having sex with multiple partners. Their stories tell of Hermes giving the gift of masturbation to the god Pan who pined over Echo in order to relieve his suffering. Pan later taught this artform to lonely shepherds. Later on however, Greek philosophers, as promiscuous as many of them were, believed that ejaculation led to a loss of power or vitality and sought to control it. They also didn’t understand what sperm was and thought it was simply blood that was converted via body heat into sperm.

Ancient Chinese texts refer to ejaculation as a loss of chi (energy life force or power). They developed methods for men to withhold their ejaculate and preserve their chi; this is the origin of some Taoist and Tantric practices. Today people teach classes on how to injaculate (orgasm and keep the semen inside) rather than ejaculate (allow semen to leave the body or spill out).

During Medieval Europe, some doctors believed that not being able to masturbate could cause a man to die from sexual frustration. At the same time, monks and the pious were urged to abstain entirely. After Christianity gained more popularity, ideas about masturbation changed from seeing it as natural, to seeing it as an animal urge needing to be controlled by a civilized man. During the 1700’s, philosophers struggled with the concept of sexuality and saw sexual urges as one of the most difficult things to overcome.

In the Book of Genesis, a story depicts God killing Er, and Er’s father Judah was told to lay with (have sex with) Er’s widow and ‘lay his seed’ (impregnate her). However, his seed was spilled on the earth and this ‘displeased God’. Many historians believe this parable to be responsible for the church’s prohibition on contraception and masturbation.

During the 17th century, the word “onanism” referring to masturbation was added to the common vernacular. It was considered a “heinous sin of self-pollution” and there were pamphlets shared throughout Europe to help those who had already damaged themselves with onanism. They claimed that onanism would cause "a perceptible reduction of strength, of memory and even of reason; blurred vision, all the nervous disorders, all types of gout and rheumatism, weakening of the organs of generation, blood in the urine, disturbance of the appetite, headaches and a great number of other disorders." A Puritan colony in New Haven, Connecticut went so far as to declare the death penalty adequate punishment for masterbators.

Considering this, no wonder there’s a history of shame around masturbation!

By the 19th century Victorian Era, a psychiatrist by the name of Jean-Etienne Esquirol in Paris declared that masturbation was ‘recognized in all countries as a cause of insanity’. It took until 1968 for psychiatrists to relinquish this belief in the United States.

During roughly the same time, Victorians believed that masturbation was seriously dangerous and a form of ‘self-pollution’, so some innovative businessmen, such as Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, took it into their own hands to resolve the issue of desire. He developed a cereal so bland (Corn Flakes) that he thought it would be a diet that would discourage masturbation.

During World War I, a naval officer by the name of Mansfield Smith-Cumming was one of the directors of the British Secret Intelligence Services ‘discovered that semen made good invisible ink’. The practice of using this was quickly discontinued due to the strange smell that it left on the page.

Finally, in the mid-1900’s, researchers Masters and Johnson started studying sex in clinical trials and put to rest many myths and concerns about masturbation; at the end, it’s a healthy and natural form of self-pleasure that has several benefits both for the individual as well as the couple.

So of course, not long after this the sexual revolution of the 1970’s swung into full effect! Sex toys became more normalized both more men and women. Now, modern day masturbation toys have technological advances that make it fun to try new things; we’ve moved way beyond sliding a dick into a piece of spongy rubber! Modern day advancements have made it possible to experience toys that mimic fellatio, intercourse and have even invented new sensations not possible with the human body!

Why You Need Male Masturation Toys

Masturbation is Healthy There’s a misconception that men who masturbate must be lonely or that they can’t get anyone to have sex with them. In fact, that is far from true. Masturbation is natural and can indicate a healthy relationship to pleasure and sex. The more someone knows their own body, the more fun they can have with another partner. Sexual intercourse has its own perks, but masturbation is the knowledge of one’s self and is uniquely different. Below are some common and inspiring ways that men can and do enjoy themselves by adding toys!

  • Hands Free Pleasure There are many toys now that take away the need to use hands. AutoBlow machines, for example, simulate fellatio. Many high-tech toys can be used hands-free so users can explore other ways of pleasuring themselves while letting the toy do its job on their cock!
  • “Variety is the Spice of Life” This is true for everything, including masturbation. Different toys create a variety of sensations including texture, temperature and pressure. Every toy has something different to offer, so why not try as many new things as possible?
  • Disability There are many people who cannot give themselves sexual pleasure due to a disability. Sex toys enable them to enjoy themselves and get release without having to rely on anyone else to help out. This ends up being very empowering for them because they can finally take their pleasure into their own hands, (metaphorically speaking).
  • Abstaining From Sex For those who are choosing to abstain from intercourse with another person due to personal reasons, masturbation is a healthy form of relieving that temptation.
  • Less Risk for Pregnancy For those who want to enjoy sexual intimacy but don’t want to risk penetration without protection or contraceptive, masturbation with toys that imitate fellatio or intercourse help both partners keep safe and not take the risk of getting one of them pregnant!
  • Reproductive Health Masturbation is said to keep the available sperm fresh and new, thus increasing the chance for healthy sperm when trying to get their partner pregnant. For other benefits about masturbation, check out this article by Psychology Today.
  • Sexual Trauma For those who’ve experienced sexual trauma of any kind, physically or emotionally, it can feel safer to achieve sexual gratification without being with another person. Sex toys create opportunities not only for pleasure but to heal that relationship around pleasure and sex.
  • Sexual Stamina Training These toys help men practice delaying their ejaculations. Many men experience different versions of ED (erectile dysfunction) or PE (premature ejaculation). Sexual endurance or sexual stamina toys are used to help train the reflexes and urges to cum too early if the user is dealing with PE, and can help support keeping an erection for those with ED.
  • Reduce Stress Sexual release via masturbation is also a well-known stress-reliever! Toys can help get us to the point where masturbation is easy and fun, especially for those who may find masturbating with their hands only a source of boredom or find it too mundane. Use toys to spice up your personal sex life and enhance orgasms to reduce stress! After all, reducing stress is good for your health!
  • Prebating This was famously depicted in the movie There’s Something About Mary and then later coined as a term in the popular television show Dear White People. In each instance, the main character is masturbating before a date to reduce nervousness. The main character in There’s Something About Mary wants to make sure they don’t “blow it” (pun intended) by being too wound up, but also that they can last during sex (if that’s on the table). The main character in Dear White People doesn’t want to give in to the lure of sex and end up with a one-night-stand or a bad decision, so she rubs one out to keep her wits about her and firmly stick with her decision to not give it up.
  • Marriage We may get married to the love of our life, but most studies show that frequency of sex decreases the longer couples are maried. Between building a life together, having kids and falling into routines, it is unfortunate but common to have less sex. This may not be true for everyone, but for those who still have desires not being met, sex toys and masturbation help people maintain a healthy sex life with themselves and avoid looking to fulfill their needs elsewhere.
  • Fantasy Many masturbation toys are modeled after famous a porn star’s pussy, ass or mouth. People love to watch porn of them while experiencing what their insides actually feel like!

Types of Male Masturbation Toys

Sleeves and Strokers These are sleeves that fit over the penis and are used to enhance masturbation or jerking off. Add lubricant to the inside of the toy and enjoy all the different textures that stimulate the glans and shaft. Some strokers have vibrators built in for added sensation.

Realistic Pussy, Ass, Breast and Mouth Masturbators Some of these are strokers that look like a mouth, pussy or asshole; these ones are rather small and fit over the penis nicely. Others are small torsos or a synthetic ass with an anus and pussy so there’s more cushion for thrusting. The main appeal is its lifelike design to enhance the fantasy.

Pocket Pussies And Top Pornstar Lifelike Vagina Strokers These are designed to fulfill a specific fantasy of fucking a pornstar. Certain pornstars have had their pussies, mouths and asses molded so their fans can enjoy watching them and also feeling them as they fantasize during masturbation.

Classic Fleshlight Strokers and Sex Stamina Trainers These are the most classic versions of male masturbation toys. Fleshlights are not only used for pleasure; they’re also used for increasing sexual stamina. For those who ejaculate quickly or too soon for their partner, these devices are realistic and mimic the feel and texture of a real vagina, mouth or ass.

Automatic Masturbator Devices and Auto Blowjob Machines These machines are designed to be used as strokers, but have motors in them that imitate blowjobs for intense sensation during masturbation.

Magic Wand Attachments For Men A diverse variety of wand attachments that pair with the strong vibration from the wand directly into the masturbation toy.

Penis Head Stimulators and Glans Vibrators Directed stimulation of the glans or head. Many of these are similar to the wand attachments, but don’t require a wand in order to be used and have their own vibrators included.

Male Masturbation Lubes & Stroker Accessories Lubricants are important for masturbation, especially for masturbation toys. Make sure to have the right kind of lube that is compatible with each toy. Learn more about lubricants by reading our Guide to Lubricants.

Tenga Masturbators These sleek, modern masturbators focus away from the traditional designs of pussy, ass and mouth. They don’t seek to replace the type of stimulation of intercourse or fellatio but instead create an entirely new and unique experience. They are easy to travel with and don’t look like a sex toy (so people can avoid the discomfort of having someone discover their sex toy) and most are reusable and easy to clean.

Materials & Cleaning


  • Most preferred material used for sex toys
  • Longer shelf life than most materials
  • Easily cleaned before and after use
  • Can retain heat and cold for long periods of time so it can warm to your body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic and non-porous

To Clean: Wash with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. For serious cleaning, boil the toy for 5-10 minutes and then wash with an antibacterial soap.

Safety: Do not use with silicone-based lube.


  • More affordable than silicone, great for beginners
  • More porous than silicone, harder to keep clean
  • Can’t easily be disinfected

To Clean: Rubber is very porous and the chemical composition of each brand varies. Some rubber products contain phthalates which can be harmful to your health. Wash with mild soap and warm water and let air dry. Keep in a cool, dark place once dry.

Realistic Toys

  • Often made from phthalate-free PVC or TPE (See Below)
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Great for maintaining the fantasy
  • We recommend trying the line of products from SexFlesh

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (thermoplastic rubber aka “skin-safe rubber”): PVC is an easily moldable plastic and TPE is an easily moldable rubber.

To Clean: Clean with mild soap and warm water using a washcloth. Dry after each use before storing.

Safety: This material is porous. PVC is a plastic and TPE is a rubber, meaning they are more porous and sometimes contain chemicals harmful for the body, so make sure you buy ones that are labeled non-porous and phthalate-free or use a condom with it as a barrier. This type of material doesn’t stand up well to extreme heat, so store it in a cool, dark place.

Vibrating Toys

To Clean: First, double check to make sure your vibrating toy is waterproof before cleaning, but most vibrating toys can be cleaned under running water with a mild soap.

If it has batteries: Take out batteries. Hand wash and wipe down with a cloth using soap and water.

If it’s rechargeable: Do not submerge in water or put in the dishwasher (even if it’s water-resistant). Hand wash and wipe down with a cloth using soap and water.

Safety: Pay attention to the material used and use the compatible lube. Use condoms when sharing with a partner or playing with anal.

Buyer’s Guide to Male Masturbation Toys

It used to be difficult to find good quality male masturbation toys. The stigma kept people from buying or creating them. Nowadays, people are more relaxed about having sex toys and enjoy the diversity! There are so many great options, but here are a few of our favorites!

Strokers and Autoblow Masturbators

Vibra-Head Bionic Auto Stroker This toy simulates a hand job and has 30 different speeds and patterns. Battery-operated, it’s great for travel so take it on the go!

Beat It 8x Rotating and Rhythmic Masturbator This rotating and rhythmic vibrator has 8 speeds of vibration and a light show! The swirling beads stimulate your cock while you beat off!

Ultra-Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Great for masturbation, you can leave it in place and enjoy the swirls and thrusts that toy provides, or move it up and down as you stroke yourself!

Strobe Multi-Function Rechargeable Stroker This stroker is great for easy masturbation. Sit back, relax and let the toy do all the work. It strokes and swirls on its own for your ultimate pleasure! Rechargeable, it does not require batteries.

Masturbation Kits

Super Charged Wand Masturbation Kit This kit includes a Thunderstick wand and a masturbation sleeve. It is great for solo play or with a partner. The masturbation sleeve fits right on the head of the vibrator and delivers amazing sensations to your shaft! Pair the Thunderstick wand with other wand attachments in the future to bring variety to your sex toy collection!


Firm Pussy and Ass Masturbator Enjoy the look and feel of a real pussy and ass with the lifelike masturbation toy!

Jesse Jane Three Way Pussy, Ass and Mouth Stroker Set This set includes three strokers from famous pornstar Jesse Jane! Enjoy her pussy, mouth or ass while watching her on the screen! Imagine being inside her as you watch and listen to her get fucked!

Jesse Jane Doggy-Style Pussy and Ass Masturbator Have Jesse Jane give you her ass with this realistic masturbation toy!


If it hurts, stop.
There are plenty of specific reasons that something isn’t right or safe… but the general rule of thumb is if it feels painful, that’s the sign to stop and check out what the problem is. Maybe the toy is too small. Maybe there’s not enough lubricant and it’s chafing. Maybe you’ve played with heating up the toy and it’s too hot! Whatever the reason, masturbation isn’t supposed to be accidentally painful. (It can be intentionally painful, though, as long as you or your partner enjoy that!)

Clean your toys!
Right after ejaculation, there’s an urge to just relax. After all, who wants to ruin a good de-stressing orgasm with cleaning? However, the longer ejaculate stays on or inside a toy, the harder it is to clean out. Please rinse out with warm water and soap as soon as possible so bacteria doesn’t start growing in the toy.

Clean the skin of the penis.
Some people find that if they don’t rinse their cock right after ejaculating, the skin gets irritated. This can also happen to some people if they leave lubricants on the skin. Take a moment to rinse off before relaxing, or else the next day may bring a lot of discomfort!

Get the right size for your penis.
Most toys are one-size-fits-most… but there are some toys that may be a little more snug for people with larger penises. Make sure you aren’t trying to shove your sensitive member into something that is too small. When a penis is erect and moving in and out of a toy, any friction can cause chafing and discomfort, even with the use of lubricant.

Sex toys can spread STI’s.
Sex toys such as vibrators are bound to get some fluids on them. This means they can spread STIs (sexually transmitted infections, aka STDs) if participants aren’t careful! Remember that if both partners are not fluid bonded (meaning they don’t use condoms and regularly share bodioly fluids) then condoms and safe sex practices need to be implemented with toys just like they were genitalia.

Use a compatible lube.
Pay attention to the material used and use the compatible lube.

Expert Tips & Advice

For those who are just beginning to try out masturbation sleeves
Get a silicone toy and some water-based lube. Don’t use silicone lube with a silicone toy! Use a water-based or silicone-hybrid instead. These toys are soft, smoothe, body-safe and easy to clean, so they’re great for beginners.

For those with ED (erectile dysfunction)...
Just because a penis is flaccid doesn't mean sensations aren’t enjoyable. Use vibrators on one or both partners and enjoy the stimulation. Sex is not just penis and vagina penetration; it can be anything that excites, arouses and brings pleasure.

For those who want low-maintenance masturbation...
Use a masturbation sleeve wand-topper on a vibrating wand and allow the vibrations to stimulate the cock with a hands free orgasm!

Experiment with edging...
After getting accustomed to the new toy, people can explore bringing themselves to the edge of an orgasm and backing off. After doing this a few times, they finally let themselves go over the edge and orgasm. The resulting release is exponentially more powerful and intense!

‘Waterproof’ and ‘water-resistant’ don’t mean the same thing.
A toy that is waterproof is one that can be submerged in water. Toys that are water-resistant are toys that can get water on them without being damaged, possibly be used in the shower and cleaned under a sink, but shouldn’t be submerged in a bath-tub or pool.

Clean and care for toys properly!
Many toys are becoming increasingly easy to clean, which should make this requirement easy! After ejaculating into a toy, clean it out with warm water and soap. Follow the directions above concerning materials to make sure you’re cleaning it properly. If there is leftover sperm inside of the toy, it can cause bacteria to grow and potentially cause issues due to poor hygiene in the future.


Why would I need a masturbation toy?
You don’t need a toy, but many people find that changing their masturbation routine up is revitalizing to their sex life.

What kind of toy is right for me?
Think about what sensations you enjoy during fellatio or intercourse and find a toy that stimulates you in a similar way. This is a great place to start. However, some toys are specifically made to create a new experience not available with sex (such as vibrating toys) while others are created as a way to live out fantasies that aren’t available in real life.

Does having a sex toy make me kinky?
No. Kink is defined by a wide range of interests and fetishes. Having a masturbation toy is simply part of the evolution of masturbation and adult play. Does buying a masturbation toy make me a sex freak or pervert? Not at all! It’s okay to enjoy sex with yourself as much as with someone else. Having a toy allows people to explore more options and discover new things about what we want and like. We then can take that information and help our partners know how to please us. So, knowing ourselves better and knowing what we like helps contribute to a good relationship with our partners!

It’s just a penis; it doesn’t need anything special, right?
There has been a lot of focus on female pleasure and masturbation toys in the past few decades. The original vibrators came out in the 1880’s. However, male pleasure is just as relevant and important to address. The penis may be easier to access than the clitoris, but it is also erectile tissue that has 4,000 nerves in it that are waiting to be explored with different sensations!

Are all masturbation toys the same?
There are many that are similar, but every model is a little different. Different styles of masturbation toys focus on the head, the shaft, the balls or even the anus. Some combine all of the above. There are machines and toys that pulse and have suction, others that thrust, and of course some do even more. It’s best to explore what works and gets you off!

Can I use it too much?
All things require balance and moderation, but listen to your body and pay attention to what feels good.

Will I go blind, grow hair on my hands or become an imbecile if I masturbate with a vibrator?
No, not at all! These were once common myths that people used to scare people out of masturbating. Once people started sharing medical information and sexual films and cinema were released (what we call porn) it was no longer something anyone believed.

If I use a masturbation toy too much, will I get desensitized or not enjoy manual masturbation anymore?
Some of the vibrating sex toys or machine powered ones are intense and can overstimulate the nerves. This can cause them to feel a little numb to touch. Simply give the organ a break and try again later when the nerves have had a chance to calm down. It is very rare that people no longer enjoy manual stimulation ever again.

My partner wants to bring a sex toy into our the bedroom; am I not good enough at sex or blowjobs?
Adding toys into the bedroom or a shared intimate experience shows trust and vulnerability; it doesn’t mean either person is bad at sex. It usually means that one or both people are open to exploring new sensations together. Sometimes, it means one person is so excited about a new toy they want to share it!

What is a Fleshlight?
Fleshlights are some of the original male masturbation toys; they imitate a female vagina inside of something that looks like a flashlight. This made it easy to hide the toy so no one knew they had a sex toy. Nowadays, there are lots of different versions of sex toys! Some look like pussies, some look like silicone sleeves, some look so discrete no one would ever guess it was a sex toy!

What is a masturbation sleeve?
These are jelly or silicone sleeves that are used with lubricant to enhance masturbation. Slide them over your cock and each stroke will enhance and improve the experience!

What is a Stamina Training Unit (STU)?
These are toys and tools to help increase sexual endurance with a partner. If you find you’re ejaculating too soon, use these to practice with. They should feel very similar to the real thing, so it’s great to practice with before rejoining a partner!

How do I train using a Stamina Training Unit?
Allow yourself to get closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. As you near the edge, slow down and pull out or pull back. By noticing the sensations that occur right before orgasm or ejaculation, you can start to become more aware of how to calm down and delay ejaculation. After a moment to calm the urge to cum, you can start slowly stroking or thrusting again until you find the edge. This is technically another form of edging, with a specific purpose to train for the big event!

Disclaimer: XR LLC sells these products as novelty toys only and is not responsible for damages due to use or misuse.