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Zeus 6 Channel Digital Powerbox(Value Buy)


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Rating: (9 reviews)
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This device is ideal for those who are serious about e-stim play, or those who want to take their e-stim fantasies that much further. Inside of the box lies a machine that offers many possibilities for stimulating electrosex sessions. Imagine a sexy nurse teasing and stimulation your erogenous zones. Now you can bring that fantasy home and enjoy invigorating electro sex with a high-quality power box.

The box has an easy layout and labeling system, so you can see where everything is at a glance. At the bottom, you'll notice six individual channels with their own adjustment knobs. This means that you could hook up more than one electrode item to your body and give different areas, different sensations. For example, you can assemble together a set that involves cock rings, tens pads, a butt plug and a urethral sound. With so much going through your body you'll reach heightened stimulation. If your partner wishes to join in, then maybe you can divide the box, 3 for you and 3 for them. Maybe you want to invite more than one person to join you, as long as there's another output space left there's always room for one more. A total of 12 uni-polar accessories can be used, so give your imagination a sexual workout. This device packs lots of power, tons of options at a super value price!

Benefits & Features::

  • It can replace the need for hand massages for muscle relaxation and stimulation
  • Five types of pulse waves: continuous, dense-disperse, intermittent, ripple, and start/stop can deliver various levels of electro stimulation
  • Control the intensity with one of six lead-port knobs above the port plug-ins; each wave is controlled independently of the others but can be used simultaneously for exciting combinations of sensation
  • Hi-Tech Digital Displays
  • Includes a timing switch for safe on and off control
  • Output monitors so you can consistently check the levels of electro-stim
  • Accessories: One acupoint detecting pen, six (6) sets of output wires, ten (10) rubber pieces, two (2) self-stick electric conductive rubber flat, a roll of tape, instruction manual and acupoint figure.
  • To power it use 1 DC 9V Adapter (included) or 6 "C" batteries.


This unit works with all Zeus Electrosex accessories. See popular related accessories below.

We advise you not to use e-stim devices above the waist as dictated in most electro sex guides. People with heart conditions should not use this product.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Reviewed: Monday 29 February, 2016 by David Bigpoppa

I too was very disappointed with the power of this unit's power and complicated controls. You can barely feel it. Zeus should disconinue this box. And the stupid music is a huge distraction.

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Reviewed: Sunday 09 November, 2014 by Anonymous

The output of this device is a tremendous disappointment. I could barely feel any e-stim sensations at all. And it plays a musical tune that just doesn't match up with a heavy-duty BDSM session. Sounds more like a popcorn machine. But I've saved the best for last: after 3 uses it stopped outputting any power at all. A tremendous waste of my hard-earned money, and this thing wasn't inexpensive whatsoever. It still flashes it's lights, and the insipid tune still plays, but no power. A $250.00 paperweight. PLEASE save your money and buy a different unit. [Editors Note: If you have a defective product within the 30-day warranty, please contact customer service for a replacement. Troubleshoot Solution: This Power Box comes with a built-in safety feature that plays a tune when a channel is live and you turn on the device. Try turning off all the channels and turning on the device again.]

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 May, 2014 by Michael Logan

Buy the cheaper unit this is a waste of money. The programs do nothing much more than shock you. The cheaper unit has some really good programs and make me cum everytime. This one just left my wallet feeling empty, could have bought some other nice toys with the money.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 09 October, 2013 by Anonymous

I had REALLY high hopes for this unit... but, unfortunately, was SADLY disappointed!!! The $100 2-channel power box is MUCH more versatile and the e-stim programs are much more satisfying! The lead wires that come with the unit are a joke. ALL the accessories use pin-type leads but they only include ONE set. There are FIVE sets with aligator clips that don't connect to a darn thing in the box. Adjusting the power levels sucks. The first 90% of the dial range gives virtually no sensation and the last 10% basically goes from 0 to 100% with very little control. If you can imagine at 90% getting a very gentle tongue action then at 90% it's like getting kicked square in the nads... I tried it on myself first and was disappointed... one of my subs insisted trying it as well. You'll have to trust me when I say it was not at all satisfying for either of us. We went back to the $100 twin-channel unit and the stimulation level was amazingly better. You don't have to trust me on any of this... you too can waste $240 if you feel so inclined.

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Reviewed: Thursday 13 June, 2013 by Bill ottawaseeker

The only down side is that the intensity increases exponentially, rather than evenly. The most power is in the top 10% of the dial and once you pass that point, it is quite a jolt. To control the jolt, I use 3 leads to one connection. The first I can put on full, the second and third are turn down and slowly increased. You still get a jolt when the current starts, but it is more tolerable.. Mine is a few years old and the current isn't quite up to scratch, either that or I've grown accustom to the charge. Still have a good time though.

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