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2B E-Stim Power Box

SKU: AH021

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2B E-Stim Power Box

SKU: AH021

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A Premium E-Stim Powerbox for True Electroplay Enthusiasts

Key Features:

  • Shocking Convenience: Featuring a backlit LCD screen, long distance internet play, and upgradeable software, the 2B Powerbox elevates your kinky Electro Stimulation to a new level
  • Handy Analog Controls: The smooth turning dials and notchy buttons make it easy to find the perfect intensity and pattern to please yourself or your sub
  • Dual Isolated Output Channels: Independently control two channels to tease or torment your lover; E-Stim enthusiasts will appreciate the join mode, allowing you to bring both channels together at will, if needed
  • Incredible Power and Efficiency: Powered with a single 9 volt battery, the 2B is designed to last while providing electro stimulation at a low- or high-power to suit your skill level
  • Transforming Audio: Featuring an internal microphone and 3.5 mm stereo input, allowing you to transform your tunes, voice, and other audio sources into kinky shocks and pulses
  • UK Quality: Built in the UK with high standards of quality, and a lifetime guarantee provided by E-Stim Systems
  • Zeus Accessory compatible This power box works with Zeus Electrosex accessories, when used with this in-line adapter.
  • The 2B Powerbox is the perfect addition to any dungeon! Built with versatility, power, and ease of use in mind so you can enjoy tantalizing shocks without the headache of memorizing obscure codes or count flashes. The backlit LCD screen is easy to see in dimly lit dungeons, and clearly displays the current function. Built by E-Stim experts across the pond, the 2B Powerbox, a dedicated Electro Stimulation product leagues ahead of any inferior TENS unit found on the market.

    The satisfying knobs make it easy to subtly adjust each function to suit your mood. Scroll through 17 adjustable program modes and two distinct power levels: low and high. Each power level can be customized further from 0-100% for even more control! The dual isolated output channels in the 2B allow you to independently control each channel, catering the intensity to better suit whatever body part you are stimulating.

    Designed to be safe and reliable, the 2B has built-in power limiting and soft start controls (this power box always starts at zero output when modes are switched or when the unit is turned on). E-Stim Systems also ensured these units to comply with UK, US, and European safety standards and carries a CE mark.

    Featuring new-age features to elevate your experience - the 2B is able to connect to your Windows PC or Mac via USB to enjoy the consisted firmware updates, or to play remotely over the internet with E-Stim System's "E-Stim Connect" service (, perfect for long distance lovers!

    If those features weren't enough, the 2B Powerbox contains an internal microphone with adjustable sensitivity and a 3.5 mm stereo input for true stereo audio processing. These audio receivers pick up your voice, music, or other sources and translates them into controlled pulsing shocks!

    Carrying case and detailed instructions are included.

    E-Stim Systems 2B Power Box Specs:

    Channels/Outputs: Dual Isolated Channels via industry standard 3.5mm mono sockets

    Display: Contrast adjustable backlit LCD with High Brightness LEDs indicating Channel activity

    Audio: Internal Microphone, Stereo Source via 3.5mm Stereo socket

    Input Specification: 33KΩ/500mV

    Output Waveform: BiPhasic AC

    Power Supply: Standard 9 volt Alkaline (PP3), or optional Power Supply. 1 PP3 battery included.

    Measurements: 145mm x 80mm x 50mm | (5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 1")

    Materials: ABS Plastic

    Color: Black

    Included Components: 1 E-Stim Systems 2B Power Box, 4 self adhesive pads, 2 2mm cables, 1 stereo audio cable, 1 PP3 battery, 1 user manual, carrying/storage case

    Lifetime Guarantee provided by E-Stim Systems

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