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Isabella Sinclaire Deluxe Silicone eStim Wand Kit

SKU: IS100

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Isabella Sinclaire Deluxe Silicone eStim Wand Kit

SKU: IS100

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The Violet Wand with Silicone Attachments is perfect for experienced electro-Doms.... Read more...


Send sensual shocks into your slave's shivering skin!

The Violet Wand with Silicone Attachments is perfect for experienced electro-Doms. If you have used the Violet Wand with glass attachments, the silicone is significantly more intense! The whip attachment, in particular, delivers multiple zaps at once. My advice is to start slow and build up to the perfect shocking pleasure. -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire

Enjoy electrifying erotic excitement with this exclusive Violet Wand kit, featuring 3 sadistic silicone attachments! The mushroom-shaped attachment focuses the electric current to pinpoint each jolt into your plaything's vulnerable flesh. The comb has 9 teeth that spread the E-stim along a length of skin in 9 sharp zaps. The flogger is adorned with soft falls that pack a mean bite, whether you're swinging hard for impact, or gently teasing along their body. Adjust the intensity of the electrosex transmission, from tickling tingles, to sizzling shocks! The wand has an ergonomic silicone handle so that you maintain a firm grip, as well as a long cord to give you plenty of room to move around your prey. Compatible with most violet wand attachments.

One of the most sought after Dominas in the world, Isabella Sinclaire has been a pillar of the fetish community and a fetish icon since 1993 and one of the first Pro Dommes with an online presence. She is a revered expert with an unparalleled knowledge on all types of BDSM activities and a deep understanding for those that participate in them. Isabella Sinclaire is also an international film star that has created or starred in over 60 BDSM films. The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill and class.

Isabella Sinclaire Deluxe Silicone eStim Wand Kit specifications:

  • Measurements: Mushroom is 4.5 inches in length. Comb is 8.25 inches in total length, 2 inches in width. Flogger is 14 inches in total length with 12.25 inches falls. Wand is 9 inches in length.
  • Material: Silicone, metal, and ABS plastic.
  • Note: Instructions included. 110v to 240v US compatible cord.
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