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2B E-Stim Accessory Pack

SKU: AH022

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2B E-Stim Accessory Pack

SKU: AH022

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A Powerful Upgrade for the 2B Power Box

Key Features:

  • Increased Power: The Universal 220V/110V mains adapter adds 30% more power to the already powerful 2B Power Box
  • Step Into the New Age: Play over the internet with E-Stim Connect or control the 2B PowerBox with your PC or Laptop (compatible with Windows and Mac computers) courtesy of the E-Stim Commander both included in the packaged USB stick
  • Extra Connectivity: 2 sets of 4mm cables included to plug into other accessories requiring a 4mm input
  • Global Compatibtility: The included universal power supply mains adapters work with UK, US, EU, and Australian plugs
  • Packed with the most common accessories customers bought alongside their 2B Power Box, this Accessory Pack includes everything you need to get the most out of your new electric friend! The included Universal Voltage Mains Power Supply removes the need for batteries, and is compatible with UK, US, EU, and Australian power plugs. This new Power Supply also increases the 2B's power output by 30%!

    The Digital Link Interface allows you to upgrade the 2B's firmware and gives you more delicate control of every function thanks to E-Stim System's Commander 3 Software. Not only that, E-Stim System's E-Stim Connect service allows you to control the 2B Power Box over the internet, giving new meaning to long distance love!

    2B Accessory Pack Specs:

    Included Components: Universal voltage mains power with mains adaptors for UK, US, EU and Australia; USB Digital Link Interface with Uplink, E-Stim System's award winning E-Stim Connect and Commander 3 supplied within USB stick. Two sets 4mm cables included.

    Materials: ABS Plastic

    Color: Black

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