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Electropebble XPF Pack

SKU: AH019

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Electropebble XPF Pack

SKU: AH019

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A Perfect Electro Travel Pack for All Your Electrifying Needs!

Key Features:

  • Independent 2 Channel Controls: You can control Channel A and Channel B independently as if you have built-in Triphase and move the sensation between the pads, contact points or electrodes! Use them separately, independently, or have a third sensation caused by the two channels interacting!
  • 9 Adjustable Modes!: Use the controls to switch between 9 different modes! Choose Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment. Each one is individually adjustable, so you can combine them for an electric sensory landscape you’ve never experienced before!
  • Turn Sound into Stimulation!: One of the 9 modes is the ‘Audio’ mode which lets you use the built-in microphone to add stimulation that reacts to sound! Play music that you can actually feel or make your own unique sounds!
  • User Friendly Control Knobs: The soft-touch knobs are fitted to each one of the controls so you can be precise in controlling the intensity of each mode. To see which one is active, the LED’s light up to let you know which ones are active and act as your ‘lifeline’.
  • Conductive Rubber Loops: Included in the pack are a pair of 2 millimeter conductive rubber loops that you can use as cock rings. They are soft, flexible and fully conductive throughout so they don’t cause ‘hot spots’.
  • Medium Flange Electrode: Enjoy this satin smooth insertable! The small head allows easy penetration, both vaginally and anally, so it is ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced! Plugs into the ElectroPebble output with a 3.5 millimeter jack..
  • Zeus Accessory compatible This power box works with Zeus Electrosex accessories, when used with this in-line adapter.
  • The ElectroPebble XPF Pack has everything any beginner will need and unique modes and features that will excite advanced enthusiasts, as well! The travel friendly carrying case holds a pair of conductive rubber loops that can be used as cock rings, one satin finish Flange Electrode that can be used vaginally or anally, self adhesive electrode pads, a PP3 battery, quick guide and a user manual. Enjoy 9 different electro modes such as Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment. Easily adjust each mode individually by choosing a mode and then using the knobs to adjust for speed or intensity, depending on which mode you’re on. You can see which modes are active via the LED lights that will blink to indicate which modes are being used and what the intensity or speed is; these act as your ‘lifeline’ to let you know which modes are active at all times. One of the more exciting modes is the Audio mode; this mode allows you to use the built-in microphone and play music or add your own unique sounds that then are transformed into electrifying sensation!

    Before playing, stop to check that all your equipment is functioning well, that you and your partner are away from water or anything that may get you or the device wet, and that neither of you have a heart condition or a pacemaker. If you have concerns, consult a doctor first.

    Now that you’ve got your pack, it’s time to try it out! Connect the wires to the rubber loops and slide them over your cock. If you want to use lube, use a compatible ElectroGel lubricant to reduce friction. Connect the wires to the channel of your choice and turn on the control. Play with the different modes, exploring intensity and speed as your cock throbs and twitches with each pulse, buzz, tingle or zap! Use the flange electrode with electro-gel and slide it inside a pussy or ass of your choosing. When you turn the power up on this one, prepare for your muscles to squeeze and contract, kicking off pre-orgasmic spasms that will bring you to the edge! Slow down and give yourself lower stimulation between intense contractions to draw out the pleasure. Take the electrode pads and either use them alone or add them to the mix for intense, electrifying sensations! Depending on where you place them, they can cause a variety of deep contractions and sensations. If you use them with other devices, take turns with one or the other off so you can better isolate which sensation you’re feeling. Be sure to try out the audio setting and play your favorite song or have someone speak into the microphone to cause you stimulation that is as unique as you are!

    ElectroPebble XPF Pack Specs:

  • Electro Box: 4 9/16 inches length, 3 1/32 inches height, 1 ½ inches width (or 116mm x 77mm x 38mm)

    Included in Pack:
  • 2 x 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS Connection Cables,
  • 1 x Pair of 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops
  • 1 x Satin Finish Flange Electrode
  • 4 x Self Adhesive Electrode Pads,
  • 1 x PP3 Battery,
  • 1 x Quick Guide,
  • 1 x User Manual,
  • All contained in a Carry Case.

    Channels: Dual Channels via industry standard 3.5mm mono sockets

    Display: High brightness Light Emitting Diodes indicating Status, Battery Level, Channel and Mode Activity.

    Output Waveform: BiPhasic AC

    Power Supply: Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3)

    Materials: Conductive rubber, plastic, wire

    Color: Black

    Note: All products are made in the UK and have a lifetime guarantee. For your safety, please play below the waist! Use of e-stim above the hips and near the heart or chest can cause serious medical issues or heart failure.
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