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Shock Rod Zapping Wand

SKU: AH260

Shock Rod Zapping Wand

SKU: AH260

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Pinpoint Electric Shocks!

Key Features

  • Pinpoint Shock: The two metal points on the end center all the electricity into one central output for pinpointed shock!
  • Two Levels: Press the (-) button for level 1 intensity or press (+) for level 2 intensity
  • Intense Sensory Play: Enjoy the loud zapping sound and the intense e-stim sensations!
  • Easy Grip Handle: The handle is ribbed with ABS plastic to insulate your hand from the electricity and make it easy to hold on to.
  • Your punishments can be precise and quick with this shocking E-stim rod! With each zap you can cause them to shriek out in surprise or pain! Get a laugh out of the sadistic games you can play with your submissive. The handle is easy to grip and insulates you from getting zapped yourself. Two metal points on the end center all the electricity into one pinpointed shock! Choose between two levels to give you and your partner some variety! The lower level can be set by pushing the (-) button. The higher level can be set by pushing the (+) button. To send a shock at either level, press the power button and make contact with skin! Requires two AA batteries.

    They're bound to the St. Andrew's cross, blindfolded. They've been such a good submissive, so you decide to push their limits tonight. You hold a slapper in one hand and beat them across their chest, their thighs, and occasionally their genitals until they arch in pleasure. Just as they start to bite their lip, relishing the exquisite flood of endorphins as you tease and torment them, you zap them to shock them back into reality and keep them on their toes! They shriek in surprise and then catch their breath as you start lightly slapping them again, continuing the game!

    Shock Rod E-Stim Zapping Wand Specs:

  • Overall length: 14.9 inches.
  • Handle diameter: 1.5 inches.

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Color: Blue, black

    Note: Requires two AA batteries (not included).
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