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Spark Rod Zapping Wand

SKU: AH274

Spark Rod Zapping Wand

SKU: AH274

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An Exciting Tool for Punishment and Pleasure!

Key Features

  • Pinpoint Shock: The two metal points on the end center all the electricity into one central output for pinpointed shock!
  • Intimidating Sound and Sensation: Enjoy the loud zapping sound and the intense E-stim sensations!
  • Easy Grip Handle: The handle is ribbed with ABS plastic to insulate your hand from the electricity and make it easy to hold on to.
  • Exciting Scene Play!: Add something fun and shocking to any scene with this rod!
  • Sometimes you just need the right tool to correct a bratty submissive! This Spark Rod Zapping Wand delivers pinpoint electrostimulation with an easy-to-grip handle for precise electric shocks! The nickel-free metal rod on the end delivers a shock over a foot away from your hand so you can easily extend your reach. Both sound and sensation combine with the shocking sensation and the loud zap to strike fear or excitement into your partner! Powered by two AA batteries, it is powerful but not overwhelming and can be used on submissives of any experience level. The comfortable, ribbed handle of this powerful tool is in your hands!

    Your submissive kneels, their hands upturned and balancing a small tray of drinks and snacks. They are strapped to a vibrating wand that is set on high, pushing the limits of their pleasure and pain threshold. They stifle their moans and try to be a good sub for you, but it's getting harder… and you aren't making it easier. You tug on the chain connected to their nipple clamps to see how you might distract them. They stay upright as best as they can, so you take a sip of the drink and place it back down on the tray. Then you place the drink back down and begin to flog them from behind. After a few strong impacts, they buckle and bend forward, spilling the drink. They whimper in protest but not before you zap them with the rod! Now that they've broken their focus, they begin moaning in pleasure, their discipline waning as they crave the release of orgasm! You zap them again, correcting their posture each time they falter, and laugh wickedly as they fail!

    Spark Rod Zapping Wand Specs:

  • Overall length: 14.9 inches.
  • Handle diameter: 1.5 inches.

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Color: Red, black

    Note: Requires two AA batteries (not included).
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