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Black Japanese Nipple Clamps

SKU: AA472

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Black Japanese Nipple Clamps

SKU: AA472

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These stylish Black Japanese Nipple Clamps attach easily to your partner's nipples (or other parts) for the kind of sensation play that is only limited by their thresholds. Gone are the toys that just aren't enough! These clamps get tighter and tighter the harder you pull on that 12" chain. Simply squeeze the edges of each clamp and attach it to your partner's nipples, tongue, labia, or wherever your devious mind leads you. You can pull all you want, but they aren't coming off easily. Each clamp measures 3.5" in length and 1.5" in diameter.


He's got me tied up in intricate Japanese rope bondage, my tits bulging out and making me look like a blow-up doll. Just as He desires. "you're a pretty little slut, but I have something to make you even prettier." i can hear the chain clinking before i can see it. He dangles the Japanese Nipple Clamps in front of my face, like a hypnotist with a pendulum. But He's already got me under His control. i sigh deeply as He applies each of the clamps, willingly submitting to His sadism. The heavy chain weighs my sensitive little nipples down, and i look to him pleadingly. "I know what you want, love. I can read your mind." He pulls on the chain and the clamps tighten on my little buds-tighter and tighter as He pulls harder and harder. And just when i think i've had enough, He stops. "Or at least, I can read your body."

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