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Strict Leather Black Fleece Lined Blindfold

SKU: ST421

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Strict Leather Black Fleece Lined Blindfold

SKU: ST421

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There is no easier way to deprive your partner of control than by taking away their ability to see. Slip this one-size-fits-all blindfold over your lover or slave's eyes and make them guess what toys you're going to use and where. The Strict Leather Black Fleece-Lined Blindfold is both comfortable and elegant, perfect for a couple who is new to toys or the more experienced Dom and sub.


We've never done anything like this. I'm naked in bed with the new blindfold he bought me, soft and luxurious on the inside, sexy leather on the outside. He's watching me. I can feel his eyes traveling from my trembling lips, to my erect nipples, and finally to my dripping wet sex. I gasp in shock as a fingertip suddenly traces a path from the hollow of my collarbones to my belly button. Arching my back, I try to get closer to his touch. Suddenly he takes his hand off me again. Tensing up with anticipation, I wait for him to touch me again. Still, I'm all surprised moans when his hot mouth lands on my earlobe and I can't help but reach for my wet mound. He pulls back again and I quickly remove my hand. After a long pause, I suddenly hear a buzzing sound. And even though we've never done anything like this before, I know what's coming next.

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