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Easy Access Neoprene Restraint System

SKU: VE535-Neopre

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Easy Access Neoprene Restraint System

SKU: VE535-Neopre

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This device makes doggy-style and innumerable pages of the Kama Sutra even sexier. Watch your sub's fingers claw and toes curl as they are spread and exposed for easy access. The external nylon, reinforced with an internal bar, is sturdy enough to keep your sub from moving out of your intended position. The neoprene inside the cuffs is comfortable enough that you could keep them trapped and at your disposal for hours. The ankles are spread 16" apart and the wrist are 9" apart, a perfect distance for standing, kneeling, or being tossed around.


i stand there completely naked, except for the Easy Access Neoprene Restraint System, which has me spread open for whatever plans He has for me tonight. Bent over, I watch between my knees as Master's hand comes down three times in quick succession on my exposed ass. He's fully clothed and the bulge in His pants moves closer to me as i groan with want, completely unable to move back into Him. "you're going to witness everything I do to this filthy pussy tonight." A few more spankings rain down on my sore backside before He finally unzips to expose His beautiful manhood. Trapped in the Restraint System, i have a perfect view of His deep thrusts, balls slapping against my clit. All i can do is moan and moan and wait for Him to let me cum.


  • Comes in nylon and neoprene (Shown on female)
  • Also available in leather with locking buckles (Shown on male). The leather spreader is 100% rigid, with comfortable high-quality restraints. Locks sold separately below.
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