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Natural Rattan Cane

SKU: VF287

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Natural Rattan Cane

SKU: VF287

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Punishment delivered the old school way. Our Natural Rattan Canes are naturally finished. The shaft is 30 inches long and approximately half an inch thick. Don't let the size of this cane fool you. It will be sure to get the attention of whomever it touches. Let your sub decide whether its bark is worse than its bite!


i've been very naughty and i knew i was in for a punishment... i just hadn't realized how intense it would be. Sir has the bed set up, a set of cuffs at either end, spreading me wide open. He's done this before, so i still don't realize the extent of His plan as He straps me down on my belly. my ass is exposed to whatever discipline He has in mind. After He has secured both my wrists, Sir walks around the edge of the bed. i try to turn my head to see what sort of device he might grab. A flogger? A paddle? A crop? In this position, it's impossible for me to see Him digging through the toy chest at the end of the bed. But then i hear it: swish! The Natural Rattan Cane. He flicks it through the air a few more times and i shiver at the sound it makes. Finally, He speaks, "you touched yourself without permission, my pretty little slut. you'll get ten stripes with the cane." He gives me a few quick spankings to warm me up, and the next time I hear the swish, I'm ready for it.

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