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Folsom PSG-202 Box


Folsom PSG-202 Box Folsom PSG-202 Box Folsom PSG-202 Box
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When you're ready for a hot electrical charge, pick up a PSG 202. This power box has dual outputs (so you can use more than one e-stim product). This box has dual controls, so you can moderate the electrical levels for each of the dual outputs individually. So if, for example, you're using a urethral sound and a butt plug, you can place more charge into the butt plug and moderate charge into the sound (however, your partner wants it you can accommodate them).

On the front of the box are three sets of controls. The two knobs at the top are individual intensity controls, which lets you apply different pressures between the A and B outputs. The pulse rate control let's you adjust the pulse cycle times. You can have anywhere from a slow pulse rate to a quick pulse rate. The frequency control let's you adjust the frequency of the output signal. There are also quick disconnect buttons so you can immediate stop an electrical flow for one or both of the A and B outputs.

Compatibility: The box runs on either AC power (included) or one small 9 volt battery (not included). Rimba accessories will work with Folsom units if you use the Folsom In-Line adapter. You get a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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Reviewed: Thursday 22 October, 2009 by Christopher Davies

Folsom PSG-202 Box. Very disappointing. The waveforms generated seem designed for pain rather than erotic pleasure. It also seems to be lacking in power. The channels are not isolated so that when both channels are running together the available power on each channel is even lower than when running on its own. My old TENS unit comfortably out-peforms this box. I feel that I have wasted my money on this product.

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