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Short Suede Flogger

SKU: AD265

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Short Suede Flogger

SKU: AD265

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The Short Suede Flogger offers quick, down, and dirty impact pleasure for you and your partner... Read more...


The Short Suede Flogger offers quick, down, and dirty impact pleasure for you and your partner

Depending on the strength you put behind each blow, this flogger would be a great introduction to impact play or a vicious part of your arsenal. Your partner will be excited every time they see the elegant tails of this toy whipping towards their supple ass. The short suede flogger measures just 15.75" from end to end, but uses a flexible, soft suede to deliver the type of pleasure that you desire and crave.


He removes the ribbon and unwraps the box while my panties dampen with excitement. He knows by the blush on my cheeks that something exciting is inside. He loves to spank my ass and turn it bright red-he makes me bend over his knees and tells me how naughty I am. I've come to associate the stinging on my ass with a desperate desire to fuck him and the knowledge that He loves and adores me. He opens the box, and pulls out the Short Suede Flogger inside, smiling in that way he does, that makes me excited. He flicks the flogger a few times, raises an eyebrow, and pats his knees. Without having to be told twice, I bend over them, hiking up my skirt. "Look at that, your panties are already wet..." he purrs, and I shiver as he runs the handle of the flogger against my sex. Without warning, he brings the tails of the flogger down on my ass and I shout in pleasure and surprise. "You have been a very naughty little girl haven't you" he says and tonight you're going to beg for my cock."

Short Suede Flogger Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 15.75 inches in length, handle measures 4.75 inches in length
  • Material: Suede
  • Color: Black
  • Compact for easy transport and use anywhere you wish
  • Uses flexible and soft suede for great impact during play
  • Handle is spiral-wrapped and topped with a loop
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