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Satin Blindfold

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Satin Blindfold

SKU: EC600

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Our Satin Blindfold is Blinding Fun!...


Our Satin Blindfold is Blinding Fun!

This traditional blindfold creates a sexy and luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom, or wherever you happen to be playing. Enjoy keeping your partner in the dark while you have your way with them. Comfortable and elegant, this blindfold is an easy way to spice things up.


I've blown out the candles, all the guests have gone home, and the party is over. I'm just putting away my birthday cake when everything goes black. My lover has slipped a Satin blindfold over my eyes. The texture is silky and luxurious, and I hum with desire as soon as he spins me to face him. His breath ghosts along my neck and down towards my cleavage. He brings one of my hands up into his mouth and licks the cake off of my fingers. He slowly takes off my blouse and my skirt, leaving me in my lingerie and heels. I can't see anything, so I'm entirely at his mercy as he leads me back towards the bedroom. My breathing is ragged already, stifled with want. The bedroom door closes behind us and he roughly pulls me back into him, kissing me wildly while my hands grope around his body, trying to get his clothes off. We topple into bed, still making out furiously and moaning into each other's mouths. Suddenly, he stops, and leaves me alone on the bed. I look up at him, or try to because I can't see a thing, and he whispers, "Don't worry baby, the party's just getting started."

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