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Super Snake Bite Suckers


Super Snake Bite Suckers Super Snake Bite Suckers
$8.00 $5.95
Rating: (10 reviews)

Enhance your nipple play with the Super Snake Bite Suckers!

Nipples can be a sensitive and sexually-pleasing part of the body. During sexual activity, it can be fun to involve the nipples, creating heightened overall enjoyment. The Super Snake Bite Suckers create a gentle suction on the nipples providing a pleasurable experience.

You get a pair of nipple suckers. Place each one over one of the nipples and gently press on the sucker. As you release the finger pressure, the sucker will create a vacuum around the nipple. Your partner will show their pleasure. These nipple suckers are also compact, so you can take them anywhere you desire.

The Super Snake Bite Suckers Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 1.5" in length and 1" in width
  • Create a gentle suction around the nipples
  • Compact for easy transport and use anywhere that you desire

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    Reviewed: Monday 12 December, 2016 by ed stanczyk

    I use them for catching my cum when I masturbate.......I just squeeze the sucker and place it on the head of my what a grip......guys you have to try this...

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    Reviewed: Thursday 03 January, 2013 by Tittie slut

    Hubby bought these for me a few months ago to see what I thought of them. At first I wasn't sure if they were going to do anything, but after having them on for over a half hour, I started to enjoy the pinch they started to give me. After an hour of having them on, hubby was wishing he bought them a long time ago! Now he makes me wear them every other day for at least an hour, then he likes for me to ride him so I can stick my swollen tits in his face for him to suck. Oh the wonderful pain I get makes me cum over & over again. I will say I now need some new ones cuz I've used them so much, but so what, for the price, they're the best little addition to our play time! I've also learned that if I squeeze them while they're on first one way, then the other after a few minutes, & back & forth, they work better for me

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    Reviewed: Monday 09 July, 2012 by E Mu

    Absolutely totally useless, They managed to stay on for about 2 seconds before falling off, thankfully I only wasted 3 buying them.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 29 April, 2012 by Sarah Rosecrans

    These don't really stay on as well as I would like.

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    Reviewed: Monday 15 August, 2011 by Anonymous

    Awesome little suckers! Have had them for about a week and I use them daily because I love the feeling. I usually squeeze them together as much as I can and then when placed over the nipple make sure to get them back to their regular size - sucking very very hard on the nipples to give a nice pain!

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