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Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers

SKU: AD738

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Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers

SKU: AD738

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When you want some real nipple suction, these black maxxx nipple suckers are ideal... Read more...


When you want some real nipple suction, these black maxxx nipple suckers are ideal

Want to increase sensitivity in your nipples or your partners? Or maybe you just like the look of engorged nipples… and other parts. Place them on the nipples, clit, or other parts of the body and twist the grip control cap to create a strong suction. Like a hickey, blood will be drawn into the area to make it more sensitive to touch, or even a breath. These nipple suckers are easy-to-use.


At the snap of My fingers, he's on his knees in front of Me. "We're going to try something new," I tell him as I trace his face with my fingernails. I gesture, with the toe of my boot, to the Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers that are on the floor. "We're going to make those little nipples as sensitive as we can before I play with them today." his cock is instantly at attention, awaiting My next move, but I cross my arms to indicate that I won't be touching him. It drives him crazy with need. "Go ahead and put them on, now," I command. he picks up the first cylinder and creates a seal over his areola, then begins twisting the top. I watch in awe as his nipple is sucked up into it, swelling. he gasps and I'm captured by the expression of complete bliss on his face. The cylinder stays stuck around his nipple , even when his nipple fills it and he pulls his hand away. "It's so easy, even you can do it." I don't like feeling left out, though, so I take matters into My own hands. I don't even have to touch him to do it.

Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 4 inches in total length, 1.1 inches inner diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Note: 2 suckers included
  • These nipple suckers create an intense vacuum, making the nipples sensitive
  • Easy to use dial lets you choose the amount of suction you desire
  • Try to use them on various other places, besides the nipples, for new sensations
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