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Satin Finish Moaner Electrode

SKU: AH024

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Satin Finish Moaner Electrode

SKU: AH024

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Penetration Never Felt So Electrifying!

Key Features:

  • Flanged Electrode Anal or Vaginal Use!: The large head, long neck and flanged base make this a perfect toy for anal or vaginal use. The flanged base makes it safe for anal use, but it also means that there is more surface area for the electrifying stimulation to reach! With anal play, feel it on your sphincter, and with vaginal play, enjoy the tingling electricity on your labia, as well! To make insertion and extraction easy, the base is also fitted with a grip ring!
  • Electrodes at the Top and Bottom: Having the electrodes at the top and bottom of the device gives more contact and provides a more natural feeling.
  • Aircraft Grade Materials: This electrode is manufactured from aircraft grade materials and will last for years when properly taken care of.
  • Disassemble for Cleaning: In order to make cleaning easy and thorough, this device can be disassembled.
  • Works With Low Profile Connectors: There are 4mm sockets in the base and they work perfectly well with the Low Profile Connectors that were specifically designed for this device.
  • This Moaner Electrode delivers powerful surges of electricity in any hole you choose to put it in! The large head creates a feeling of fullness while the long neck and flanged base makes it perfect for safe penetration of vaginal or anal holes. With electrodes placed on the top and the bottom, the electricity is more evenly dispersed giving it a natural feel. On the base is a grip ring that makes for easy extraction and insertion, as well as 4mm sockets that work perfectly well with low profile connectors. Only the best quality materials were used to make this electrode, so this device is made of aircraft grade materials and can be disassembled for easy and thorough cleaning!

    Hook the Moaner Electrode up to low profile connectors and a power box to get the party started and test the intensity of the device before insertion by placing it on your palm or thigh and playing with levels. If you intend to use lube, make sure to use a conductive lubricant and slide the electrode into your pussy or ass. Once inside, enjoy the stretch of the large head as it gives you a satisfying, full feeling! But the pleasure has only just begun! Turn on the power, starting off low, and enjoy how your muscles contract and squeeze on the electrode! Play with the levels and ease into it slowly, milking the time as you slowly work towards milking yourself! You’ll feel tingling and electrifying sensations throughout your hole as well as at the base on your sphincter or labia! After you’re through playing, take the device apart for thorough cleaning before storing in a safe place.

    Moaner Electrode - Satin Finish Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 4.5 inches (115 mm), Insertable length: 3.34 inches (85mm), Head diameter: 1.5 inches (38mm), Base diameter: 2 inches (50mm), Weight: 9.07 ounces (277g)

    Materials: Aircraft grade metal, plastic

    Connections: Dual 4mm sockets in base

    Compatibility: Using a 4mm cable this accessory works with the E-Stim Remote System, 2B Power Box, and Helix Power Box. This cable is already included with the Electropebble XPF Pack.

    Type: BiPolar insertable

    Color: Black, Silver

    Note: Lifetime Guarantee included! All products are made in the UK. For your safety, please play below the waist! Use of e-stim above the hips and near the heart or chest can cause serious medical issues or heart failure.

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