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Lover's Bed Restraint System

SKU: AH227

Lover's Bed Restraint System

SKU: AH227

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Bondage the Quick and Easy Way!

Key Features

  • Easy To Use: Place the straps under your mattress with or without a bed and enjoy restraining your lover for fun!
  • Padded Cuffs: The polyester cuffs are padded and soft so the wrists and ankles stay comfortable and pain-free during wear.
  • Adjustable: The durable nylon straps are fully adjustable for any height or width.
  • Fits most Mattresses: Compatible with most mattress types for easy use.
  • Want your lover restrained in just a few moments? This is the restraint system for you! With these durable nylon straps you can simply run them underneath any mattress with or without a bed! The weight of their body and mattress combined keeps them restrained once the cuffs are on. Each of the 4 cuffs are padded with soft, comfortable polyester and close with a velcro strip for easy placement and removal. No need to struggle with buckles and snaps! The straps are all adjustable and fit most mattress sizes. Spot clean as needed.

    Slip the system out from underneath the mattress and cuff your lover to the bed! Now you can make use of all those fun sensation toys you have and blindfold them, gag them, tease them with feather ticklers and more! You can run ice cubes along their body to give them a chill. Drop hot wax to heat things up! Give them a slap on the booty with a crop or paddle or spank them with a flogger or your hands! Really heat things up by riding them while they are hot, full of desire and can't break free of their restraints!

    Deluxe Bed Restraint System Specs:

  • Center strap adjusts up to 54 inches in length.
  • Cuff straps adjust up to 51 inches in length.
  • Cuffs adjust up to 15.5 inches in circumference.

    Materials: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic, Velcro, PU foam

    Color: Black
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