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Frog-Tie Restraint Set

SKU: AG527

Frog-Tie Restraint Set

SKU: AG527

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Bind Their Hands and Force Them To Their Knees

Bind your lovers ankles and wrists to their thighs, forcing them on their knees to await their punishment with this Frog Tie restraint kit. Made with strong, supple PU leather to provide a satisfying sensation against the flesh as you writhe and resist during play. Suitable for most BDSM levels, and fully adjustable to find the perfect fit that suits your unique playstyle!

This Frog Tie set includes 6 locks and 12 keys to lock away your lover's freedom with a simple twist of the key - adjust the fit to a a comfortable level and enjoy the mental and physical act of locking away your sub for your personal whims. Combine with other BDSM toys like blindfolds, floggers, and mattress straps for a genuine dungeon experience!

Constructed with durable PU Leather material that is soft and gentle on the skin, but still provides a satisfying feel and aesthetic. Resist against the leather restraints with confidence knowing these powerful bindings can stand up to most styles of rougher play! The metal buckles are made with nickel free metal for even more comfort as well.

Adjust each cuff - the thigh, wrist, and ankles can be customized in size to suit all body shapes for men and women.

Frog Tie Restraint Set Specs:

Measurements: Thigh cuff adjusts 17 inches to 24 inches in circumference; ankle cuff adjusts from 7.5 inches to 12 inches in circumference; wrist cuff adjusts from 6 inches to 9.5 inches in circumference. Straps are 2 inches wide.

Materials: PU Leather, Nickel Free Metal

Color: Black

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