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The Anal Hook


The Anal Hook The Anal Hook The Anal Hook The Anal Hook The Anal Hook
$89.00 $59.95
Rating: (46 reviews)
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The Anal Hook - Get hung up on pleasure!

Couples who want to combine the visual and sexual pleasure of rope and anal play would find the Anal Hook an ideal item to add to their collection. The Anal Hook features a stainless steel ball that is inserted into the anus. The open ring can then be combined with rope to put a pulling pressure inside the rectum. Put your imagination to work and create whatever intricate rope configurations you desire. The way your partner moves when tied determines how the steel ball will move inside of their anus. There's 5" of insertable length (the ball and a portion of the hook). The anal hook rests against the back, while you use the ring (1.5" in diameter) to connect your favorite rope.


I've roped her up in a hogtie, her body crisscrossed in intricate lines and knots of red shibari. Her breasts are pressed into the floor, in their rope harness, her legs are spread, and her ankles and wrists are bound together. But something is missing. Circling around her, I note her head resting against the floor and her empty holes. Both of those things need to be fixed, and I have just the tool. Out of my toy box, I grab a long silver hook with a ball on the end: The Anal Hook. I apply a liberal amount of silicone lube to it's cold metal, and then crouch between her thighs to lube her up as well. She gasps, not expecting the wetness against her ass, as I push my fingers gently into her. But then she moans as the Anal Hook pushes past her tight entrance into her anus. I rub her pussy a few times, just to keep her wanting more. Then I grab another length of red rope and knot it onto the ring of the hook. I lace it up under her restrained ankles and wrists to her beautiful hair, pulling her head back, just a little roughly, so that she's staring up into the rafters. Moaning up to them. I use the shibari rope to tie her hair to the anal hook and step back, admiring my work. Perfection.

Anal Hook Specifications

The ball measures 1.5" in diameter and has a 5" circumference. The anal hook weighs .75lbs.

We recommend buying some high-quality rope to use with your anal hook

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Reviewed: Friday 12 May, 2017 by Anonymous

This is perfect for my girl to rub her g spot or for me to rub my p spot. The size and design is perfect for massive orgasms! I recommend it 100%!

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Reviewed: Friday 24 March, 2017 by Sasha Frost

It's perfect. At first I didn't think it would just slip in without lube but after sucking on the ball, and then having it pushed into my pussy, it was so wet it glided up me. I felt so full as Sir fucked my pussy, he described to me how good the ball felt and pulled out so I could feel it by pushing my own hand into my pussy.The pictures are beautiful. I'll have to invest, or ask Sir to treat me to, a selection of cuffs and collars to loop through it.

Was this review helpful? 2   16

Reviewed: Friday 03 March, 2017 by Anonymous

I bought this for myself to put in my ass and rub my prostate. I had no idea this would be so good! I usually heat it up with hot water first. It's a perfect angle and I usually cum several times because I just can't stop. I highly recommend this beautiful toy!!

Was this review helpful? 7   20

Reviewed: Friday 21 October, 2016 by Anonymous

I love this thing. You can't imaging how good it feels when he yanks on the rope while I'm riding on top of him. Only complaint is the ball is so small, should be much, much bigger

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Reviewed: Friday 25 March, 2016 by Anonymous

I love this hook!!!! My favorite thing to do is to have my husband stick it in my ass, tie it to my pony tail then get on my knees to please him. The motion from my head going back n forth is enough movement to make my pussy my wet pussy drip. Then he makes me get on top of him and pulls my head down so the hook is forced farther up my ass. It really pleases him to see me so helpless at his hands. I wish he would tie it to my breats sometime. I can only imagine how amazing that would feel.

Was this review helpful? 53   62
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