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The Milker Intense 13X Sucking Male Masturbator

SKU: AG942

The Milker Intense 13X Sucking Male Masturbator

SKU: AG942

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Give Yourself an Intensely Satisfying Milking Experience

Key Features

  • Textured Tunnel: Stroke your cock and enjoy the textured nubs that gently grip and tease your shaft and head! The soft, stretchy interior is made from TPE so it is completely body-safe! Use only with water-based lubricants.
  • Manual or Automatic Suction: Now you can experience suction in two intense modes! The first is to press the “Manual” button that looks like a finger pointing to a circle. This allows you to enjoy steady, continual suction until you release it. The second way is to press the “Tornado” button which is shaped like a little tornado made of circles. Each time you press this button it cycles through 3 different sucking modes that are sure to make you cum!
  • Get Sucked While It Vibrates!: Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns of deep, rumbling vibrations that will rock your cock! Add 3 more sucking modes to really enjoy your hands-free blowjob!
  • Easy To Clean Sleeve:Clean up is easy with this removable sleeve! Simply remove it after using the toy and wash with warm water and soap.
  • Rechargeable:Recharge between uses with the USB cable provided. Simply connect the magnetic end to the case to charge!
  • Don't settle for less than the best for your cock; give yourself an intense milking experience that will keep you coming back for more! Next time you want to jerk off, dip your wick in this 6 inch masturbator and let is suck, vibe and milk you! The inner sleeve is made of TPE and has textured nubs and grooves inside to give you a new and unique masturbation experience. The outer case is made of ABS plastic and has a strong, sturdy feel so you can grip it with confidence and ease as you stroke yourself! Explore the options of suction and vibration with two intense automatic and manual modes! Enjoy steady, continual suction with the Manual button or kick it up to the intense "Tornado" mode that cycles through 3 different intense sucking modes that will drive you wild! Add vibration into the mix with an additional 3 speeds and 7 patterns of deep, rumbling vibrations that you can feel rumbling through your shaft! After you're done playing, remove the sleeve and wash it with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and let it fully dry before reinserting the sleeve. Recharge between uses with the magnetic USB charging cable.

    Feeling horny? Get comfortable and grab your favorite water-based lubricant. The milker is waiting for you to grab and use it! Take off the cap and then turn it on. Squirt some lube into the sleeve and rub the rest on your shaft, then dip your cock inside and feel the textured nubs and grooves as the gently grab, squeeze and stroke your cock. Turn on the deep, rumbling vibrations as you begin to jerk off, and then add in the intense sucking! Play with the Manual mode and the Tornado mode as it deliciously teases your head and shaft with squeezing, sucking and vibrating sensations that will be sure to make you blow your load! To edge yourself, take your dick out of the toy or turn the vibration and sucking off right before you cum. Let yourself calm down and then build up the tension again until you explode!

    The Milker Intense 13 Sucking Male Masturbator Specs:

    Measurements: Case length: 9.3 inches, width: 3.5 inches. Insertion length: 6 inches.

    Materials: TPE, ABS plastic, silicone

    Color: Black, Blue

    Note: Device is rechargeable using the USB cable and magnetic end provided. Use only water-based lubricants for best results with this toy.

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