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Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager

SKU: AE543

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Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager

SKU: AE543

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Now the Magic Wand is cordless, with new speeds and patterns!... Read more...


Now the Magic Wand is cordless, with new speeds and patterns!

Whether you've being using a wand massager for the past 30 years or it's your first time trying one, the new Rechargeable Magic Wand is an exciting new development that will stun you with its power! From the makers of the Original Magic wand, this massager is designed to deliver the strongest vibrations possible! Rechargeable wands are often thought to have less power than their plug-in counterparts. That's not the case with this one! Its strongest vibrations can get you off harder and faster than anything you've ever experienced! The best part is, unlike the original, the Rechargeable Magic Wand comes equipped with four speeds instead of two, with four different patterns of vibration. This wand is literally the best of both worlds!


I had my old Magic Wand for so long that it was really time for a new one. The new Rechargeable Magic Wand came out at just the right time. After so long, it was about time they came out with something that didn't have to be used close to a wall-socket! The fantastic vibration of these massagers was more important than feng shui, so my bed had been pressed against the wall so I could masturbate every night before going to sleep. Now I can redecorate! The Rechargeable Magic Wand is, shockingly, just as strong as the original. I start on the lowest setting, and even that is intensely powerful as I move it between my legs. The next setting gets me moaning, my toes curling as it pushes me closer. I tease myself with a couple of the new patterns, something I didn't get to do with my old massager. Each one makes me groan with the climax that is building within me. I switch to the third speed and my thighs begin to shake as I play with my nipples and arch my back. Sexy images flood my mind and I'm suddenly cumming hard with one of those orgasms that really stands out against the rest of them. I lay there trying to catch my breath, a wet spot on the bed between my thighs. And I didn't even get to try out the strongest setting!

Rechargeable Magic Wand Specifications:

  • Materials: Silicone head, plastic body
  • Size: 12.5 inches in total length, 2.5" diameter head
  • Compatible with all standard attachments
  • A total of 4 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration
  • Rechargeable, but can be used while plugged in
  • Note: This product can't be shipped internationally
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