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Penis Head Enlarger


Rating: (5 reviews)

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Pump Your Penis Head to Greatness

The cock head enlarger is designed to increase the size of the penis head. Higher levels of pumping can create a feeling of intense pressure.

  • 6.5" circumference
  • 1.25" internal diameter of opening
  • 2" (approx.) total diameter
  • 2.75" length

  • Note: Pump Sold Separately.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 24 March, 2016 by joey steele

    This device, somehow should be designed to open in half,after pumping and the suction maintaining power.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 05 January, 2016 by Anonymous

    This is useless. The problem with this is that if you can get your cock head into the chamber and you pump it up, you can't get it back out of the chamber. There needs to be some way to remove it after pumping.

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    Reviewed: Friday 04 October, 2013 by retsel yrps\'s

    my cock is great the pump swell's my cock rock hard big fat thick head throbbing shaft i am 21|2 inc thick and 7 1|2 long my opinion the pump work's very well and i will buy more cock toy's

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 15 February, 2012 by Anonymous

    i got the penis head enlarger last month i did try few different times and did not work good i do not recommend this item. Now i got different items from this company and they do work good, and they got good products...but this item the head enraged is not worth the money..... pic another item..........

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 08 April, 2008 by Tanz Lavi

    while this does work, the rest of the penis ends up geting sucked in the tube as well. I've tried several preventative measures for this, but none successful. the results, temporary and perminate, however, make me happy enough to give this a high rating.

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