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Strict Leather Premium Locking Slave Hood


Strict Leather Premium Locking Slave Hood Strict Leather Premium Locking Slave Hood
$215.00 $174.00
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Leather Slave Hood

This is our premium quality locking leather option, featuring a removable blindfold and mouth gag. They are both made of leather and can be secured onto the slave by use of 2 snaps. This hood incorporates a buckling collar strap with D-ring and locking buckle. This hood has a locking feature that will put fear into any slave. Can be used with or without lock. The hood laces in back using a leather lace.

Sizing: Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head to determine the proper size.

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Reviewed: Monday 13 October, 2014 by Anonymous

This is a nicely made hood with good quality leather. It has a very clean look to it overall. The only portion which isn't totally form fitting is the top of the head and middle forehead. The original lace included with it is a bit cheesy, but easily replaced. What you can't see in the photos is the mouth panel has a soft padded leather gag built into the back of it (not removable). The gag works nicely and is a good size, but I'd use some plastic food wrap to cover it to keep it from getting nasty. If you have some leather and a snap kit, you could easily make a second mouth panel without a gag so you can secure the gag of your choice (silicone perhaps?) A very good value for a hood.

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Reviewed: Saturday 12 October, 2013 by Anonymous

other then the mouth button rivet popping ...luckily i am a minor leather worker and repaired it myself .....its a wonderful hood my wife is my mistress and puts me in this and let the games begin hides all my expressions and allows her to push both of our limits...if not for the button issue i would give it a 5[ Editor's Note: You have a 30 day warranty against all defects. If a product proves defective in the first 30 days of use, please contact our customer service about a replacement. You shouldn't need to fix a product on your own. ]

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Reviewed: Friday 14 June, 2013 by Ronald Shaw

I was looking through for a blindfold when I saw this little beauty. The snap-on blindfold and gag were a great idea and it even has nose holes to make breathing easier. I had the delivery rushed. Well I put it on my girlfriend and the first time I took off the blindfold one of the snaps broke off. Untill that point it was working very well and my girlfriend loved it...well I'm assuming she liked it, I couldn't quite make out what she was saying.[ Editor's Note: Please call customer service about the snap breaking off on the first use. You have a 30 day warranty against defects on everything you buy from us, and we're glad to make sure that you get a fully functional product. ]

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Reviewed: Thursday 26 July, 2012 by mark rank

I buy this and it was good I put it on and then my wife came home did not know she was home. She put me on the bed and put me in the still and luck me up and suck my cock. Then she say to me I will be right back. put be for she want she put her and my fuck machine on my anal. Then she came in and suck my cock more. Then some thing want in my anal and it was not the fuck machine it was some one that I did not know. my wife was sucking my cock and some one was fucking my nice anal and it feel so good. I can not ask her becouse my gag was in my mouth. we did the three some for about 5 hour s . but when we stop she did not let me go be for he or she want out of my house. We did it all I suck cock and did not know how it was. and we did all of you guys and lades think of in sexy way.

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Reviewed: Saturday 17 December, 2011 by Debbie Wales

I spent 4 hours locked inside this whilst tied in a strict hogtie and suspended from the garage rafters. With hubbie using a remote dildo,vibrating butt plug and large nipple weights I could not scream or see or hear anything. It was 4 hours of torture and I loved it. Cant wait till next time!

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