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Heavy Steel Collar with Attached Cuffs


$185.00 $149.00
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Heavy Duty Steel Restraints

Keep your slave's hands at bay 24/7. This device gives them enough access to perform their daily tasks, yet hinders their movement and always reminds them of their status. Steel restraints are 2 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick.

We find 85% of men will choose the larger size (6 inch collar and 2.5 inch wrists). Women will generally fit the smaller size (5 inch diameter collar and 2 inch wrist restraints).

Note: Locks not included.

Size Conversion Chart:

  • 6 inch Diameter = 19 inch circumference
  • 5 inch Diameter = 15 3/4 inch circumference
  • 2.5 inch Diameter = 9 3/8 inch circumference
  • 2 inch Diameter = 6 2/8 inch circumference

Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Reviewed: Friday 21 February, 2014 by humble slave

Mistress got this for me and we already had the humble slave she had me put on the humble keeping me on my knees then she put collar on and lock the cuffs on me then she put a spreader bar on my feet now she keep me at her feet cleaning her shoes with my mouth but the best thing she likes about all this she orders me to put my head between her legs while she watching tv she keap me like this all weekend hnowing I can't go anywhere to fast so she invite her girlfriend's over and keep all my holes fill with strap on and plugs keeping my mouth busy and her girlfriend's happy if my my mouth wasn't between there legs my lips cleaning there boots and heels she told me this is the frist party of many so get use to knowing your place

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 October, 2005 by slave tarzan

i have worn heavy duty steel restraints for one month 24/7. locked no way out. my master bought it small so it would feel tight around wrist and neck. i was able to work all day with no to move, but remembering i was a slave. my shoulders began to hurt after awhile with no freedom. he had put heavy duty locks on which made it so real. loved it. worked outdoors and stayed most of the day crawling around on the ground like a good slave. at night my wrist were brougt together hugging a wooden post with lock placed through the chains for me to remain secure.

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