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Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt


Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt
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Chastity Belt

Sitting low at the waist, this belt gives you more of a "Low Rise" and modern design. Waist belt is adjustable up to 40 inches and creates great support for the middle strap. Middle strap was designed to have wide ends that cover the vaginal and anal opening and a thin middle piece that is contoured to the female body for a more comfortable and superior fit and feel.

Note: For optimum security, 4 locks are needed. Not Included.

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Reviewed: Monday 15 December, 2014 by Anonymous

I'd have given this piece a 5. It is great quality as Strict Leather is known for, and served me well all of the one time it held up... my suspicion, because I trust the manufacturer, is that I got a defective model, as after some intense use the first time I decided my sub was in need of it, one of the fixed metal wires used to secure and lock the straps broke off cleanly at the base of the plate it was supposedly secured to. I had been saving the belt for a special occasion, and didn't take kindly to the simple lack of durability after leaving the limited warranty behind on trust! Happily, it lasted at least long enough to satisfy myself, and she was pretty happy afterwards as well, for slightly different reasons. I'm not entirely certain the thing was defective, but it seems like it was... even so, to whomever decide to buy this product: don't use large dildos in conjunction with the device, at least until you feel you've gotten good use of it in other ways. Plugs would probably be fine, but I didn't get the chance to test it personally. I'll likely be going to different devices in the future.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 November, 2014 by Anonymous

The only problem mater saw was when I needed to use the bathroom the solution was for me to wear diapers underneath my clothe . Last night was the most humility night of my life. Master invited some old friends of his. He made me strip in front of them. They all saw my wet diaper. Master acted surprise. Old dear he said I have to change your diaper later right now feed the guests. One of them smiled and said don't wait for us . Let us help you.

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Reviewed: Thursday 19 June, 2014 by Slut Wife

This is a really good device. I'm locked in it 24/7 and have been for 6 months. He locked me in it because he said I was looking at other men. He bent me over the car in a parking lot and stuck his hand up my skirt. I was wet so he called me a horny slut. Since I've been locked in it I've been denied orgasms by my husband. He only uses my mouth and makes me watch him fuck his girlfriend till she's screaming with multiple orgasms. I beg for an orgasm but never get one. I can't even touch myself because he has it adjusted very tight. I've grown used to wearing it so it is comfortable.

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Reviewed: Monday 02 July, 2012 by Hubby\'s Little Sub

I love this chastity belt! I'm very much the sub in my marriage & love the feeling of domination I get when Hubby locks me into it. Hubby was new to the BDSM world but w/ some encouragement & a good toy chest, he's come into his role of dominator so amazingly. He now loves telling me to put on my collar & insert a plug into my Ass so we can go out for the evening... Usually w/ this belt on as well. The first wear was a bit uncomfortable but we since found the perfect settings. Great product!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 October, 2011 by Anonymous

It is a really nice device. My mistress keeps me locked in this chastity belt for a while. First the toilette things caused problems because of the permanent locking but she found out I could use diapers to solve it. Nowadays I have to wear diapers days and nights and she locked it on me by this belt. It proved to be rather secure solution. Eventually the chastity belt and the diaper support each others...

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