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Anal Trainer Set


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$26.50 $23.80
Rating: (74 reviews)

Anal Trainer Set - Work Your Way Up!

Whether you're working up to that XL butt plug, or preparing to have anal sex, the Anal Trainer Set gets you more bang for your buck. This set is a cost-efficient way to start out small and work your way up. Doubting your anal abilities? Anything can fit in your ass, as long as you work it out first!


It's happening today. He's going to fill my tiny virgin ass with his beautiful cock and I'm more ready than I could have imagined. So ready that my pussy is dripping at the thought of it. My hands are stroking my tits through my blouse. And my asshole, deliciously full of the final plug in the Anal Trainer Set, is craving more. At first I wasn't sure about anal. I was curious about it, but afraid that it would hurt. But after walking around with the smallest plug under my skirt for a few days, I knew that I was going to become addicted to his cock in my ass. Now that I'm slowly removing the largest of the three, my nipples are hard with anticipation and I can't help but rub the wetness in my sex. I don't want my ass to be empty yet! I shove the plug back up and gasp, reaching for my vibrator to make quick work of this. Before long, I'm thrusting into the vibe while pushing the plug all the way in. At first, I thought I was doing this for him but now I'm doing it for me.

Anal Trainer Set Sizing:

  • Small: 4.75 inch overall length, 4.25 inch insertable length, 1.20 inch max insertable diameter
  • Med: 5 inch overall length, 4.25 inch insertable length, 1.40 inch max insertable diameter
  • Large: 5.25 inch overall length, 4.75 inch insertable length, 1.89 inch max insertable diameter.
  • Be sure to pick up some lube to ease your way to maximum pleasure!
  • *Now improved! The bases of our best selling anal set have been contoured for a more comfortable fit while wearing.*

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Reviewed: Monday 27 November, 2017 by Anon ymous

So, I've never in my life had an orgasm that made me want to put my toys up and call it a night after the first one. Until I got these, I tried the medium sized one and put a smaller vibrator in my front door and used a bigger wand on my clit and came so hard that I'm going to bed. My muscles are warm and weak, I can't keep my eyes open, everything from the belly button down is twitching. I am a very happy lady. The texture of the butt plugs themselves are not what I'm used to, they're kind of rubbery, but they more than got the job done. They are kind of bendy, and I'm not sure if it's because of the amount of lube I used or the plugs themselves, but when I relaxed they fell out. But, like I said, I'm wholly satisfied.

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Reviewed: Sunday 25 December, 2016 by Anonymous

I got these for my Sub and am very happy. They're great for starting anal play.

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Reviewed: Sunday 17 July, 2016 by Anonymous

I love this set. I have used plugs before that were too bendy and wouldn't stay in place but these hold the position much better. I do agree with others that a smaller neck would work better. The smallest of the plugs is too small. It was about the same size as my hubby sticking his finger up my ass while doing the deed. The medium was a great fit immediately. Loving the sensations of being plugged and no one knowing. I'm almost ready for the largest plug.. Maybe in a week. I'm ready to take my hubby before deep up my ass.

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 March, 2016 by Anonymous

Smallest plug was extremely easy for me to take very good for first timer the middle size is a very comfortable size and the largest one gives me enough pleasure out of this style of plug I like wife likes to pop it in and out works good if she wants to relax me to take her strap on for hrs and hrs would def recommend for teaching someone how to relax with things being inserted into the anus

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Reviewed: Monday 22 February, 2016 by Anonymous

First off, let me say, kudos to XR because I ordered these plugs and some other items, and got them within 3 days of placing the order, and that is insanely impressive being that we live way up north! So, my sexy Sub and I decided to purchased these plugs, some lube, and new restraints for her as our old ones were getting beat. We wanted to spice up things for Valentines Day, we had tried anal a few times, but not very successfully as I am fairly well endowed. We had never added any toys into the mix to ease into it to fulfill her DP fantasies. After a few drinks, we decided to try out the new toys, first off, the smallest plug - like most have already stated - is just about useless, its a good warm-up, but she was ready to move on within 2 minutes of using it. The medium is a good step up, and she really seemed to enjoy this one, as did I as I had her hands shackled behind her, with her face buried in a pillow as I entered her hungry hole with the plug in her rear. What an amazing sensation DP is. If you haven't tried it with you partner, do it. As good as the medium felt for her, she still wanted more though, as I am still considerably bigger than the medium, but smaller than the large. Moving on, we have not gotten the third one in all the way, as it is pretty large like 2 inches wide I believe, and the jump from the medium which is 1.40" wide to the large which is 2.0" wide, is pretty substantial. I feel the set needs 4th 1.65 plug between the medium and large as the jump from the medium to the large will be a problem for most as the large is over half an inch thicker than the medium, half an inch may not seem like much, but in the realm of anal, an inch is a mile.

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