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19 Inch Slapper Paddle

SKU: AG859

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19 Inch Slapper Paddle

SKU: AG859

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Give Them Love with a Backbone

Key Features:

  • Metal Reinforced Paddle: This slapper delivers a powerful strike! The center of the slapper is reinforced with metal so it delivers biting slap when used.
  • PU Leather Material: The material of the paddle is made of PU leather so it is vegan-friendly, faux leather that is easy to clean and care for.
  • Durable: Built to be durable so you can enjoy this paddle for years to come!
  • This slapper paddle is built for those who really enjoy a sturdy tool to use for years to come. The exterior is vegan-friendly, PU leather stitched together over a metal reinforced spine. The firm and sturdy slapper helps you direct every strike with precision and power making it perfect for pain sluts everywhere! The smooth PU leather is easy to clean after intense impact play; simply spray and wipe clean with a toy cleaner between uses.

    Enjoy how the feel of this handle fits in your hand as you gently rub the end of the slapper over your submissive’s bare ass, letting them feel the cool, smooth surface. As you tap their bottom lightly, warming them up, the slapper stays firm but has a slight give to it. With a surprise slap, you strike their bottom and feel the slapper bend a little with the impact and bounce back. Your sub lets out a cry and you see their body relax again as you tap their buttocks where you hit them. That was just a test, now to see what their limits are! You give them one, two, three strikes in a row and then switch to the other cheek. The night has just begun and there are so many moans that are yet to leave their lips.

    Slapper Paddle Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 19 inches, Overall width: 2 inches

    Materials: PU Leather & Metal

    Color: Black

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