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Super Sex Sling with Cuffs


Super Sex Sling with Cuffs Super Sex Sling with Cuffs
Rating: (2 reviews)

The Super Sex Sling with cuffs revolutionizes your stylings in bed!

The cuffs and straps allow you to comfortably spread those legs wide to get full access. The head rest and the restraints are super comfortable. We highly recommend the sex sling for sex and strap-on play. This revolutionary new sexual aid helps improve:
  • Oral and missionary style sex
  • Better penetration
  • G-spot stimulation

  • Great for oral sex! Don't forget to try flipping the format. When he is on the bottom, the Super Sex Sling holds him in position to receive great oral sex. You'll also find it easier to explore his G-Spot, the prostate gland.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 19 June, 2012 by Dom Man

    I agree that this puts too much pressure on my sub women's neck. There is a distinct difference between pain and injury. I have a hobby that helps me with my dominance: leatherworking. I made a harness that fits over the shoulders with openings for the arms. This works much better. I am making another one for my wife and her best friend for a party this weekend. These two subs should be the fucking life of the party!

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    Reviewed: Monday 13 July, 2009 by Master Strider

    Used it one time, the sling puts to much pressure on the slave's neck or head.

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