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Contoured Love Cushion

SKU: AH277

Contoured Love Cushion

SKU: AH277

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Curves that Satisfy Your Craving for Something New

With one simple cushion, you can open a world of possibilities. In sex, a small adjustment or slight touch can change everything about the experience. With our senses going wild with seduction and stimulation, positioning is no different. As you and your partner play together, sliding into and over each other, give yourself the gift of proper support with a pillow that can last as long as your lust and desire! Made out of high-density foam it can support your weight while the curves add to perfect positioning for deeper, more satisfying sex! Two layers cover and protect the foam; a velvety soft outer cover and a water-resistant inner cover that are both machine washable. Let yourself elevate your body and your pleasure! All it takes is one little change to make a big difference!

The pillow is placed on the center of the bed. As you climb onto its inviting surface, you notice how your head naturally finds support on the upper level, while your hips nestle perfectly over the lower curve. Your partner mounts you and for the first time you don't sink down into soft and flimsy pillows; this cushion gives you the angles you crave and support all night long! You change positions to Doggy style, your hips braced by the higher curve of the pillow and your elbows and forearms leaning on the lower arch. They kiss you up your legs and between your thighs before giving you a little playful slap on your behind then slide themselves inside you. The firm pillow keeps its shape as you feel them pushing into you from behind. You flip over so your belly faces the sky and your hips are up in the air. Your body drapes downwards, hips at the perfect height for them to caress, lick and please you. With so many ways to enjoy each other, the night lasts longer, and you find countless new ways to redefine what pleasure and sex mean to you both…

Key Features:

  • High-Density Foam: These pillows give you firm support throughout that gives you the lift you need!
  • Machine Washable Covers: The velvet outer cover and the water-resistant inner layer are both machine washable for easy care and maintenance.
  • Waterproof Inner Layer: Keep your foam pillow safe from moisture and stains with the waterproof inner layer that protects it.
  • Supportive Curves: The rolling arches of the pillow support the hips, head, knees or lower back depending on which position you choose.

Contoured Love Cushion Specs:

  • Measurements: Length: 33 inches, Width: 24 inches, Height: 9.5 inches.
  • Materials: Velvet (polyester), PU foam, nylon, resin (zipper).
  • Color: Purple
  • Note: Machine wash on a cold cycle. Air dry or tumble dry low.


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