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Deluxe Wand Saddle

SKU: AH192

Deluxe Wand Saddle

SKU: AH192

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Your Ride Awaits

Sometimes we just need the right tool for the job. If the wand is your favorite tool, let us help you make it even better! With this Deluxe Wand Saddle, you can go hands-free and ride that wand in any position you like. Hover above it so it gently teases your clit, sit down and grind against it, or enjoy it while seated above so you can relax in luxury as you're pleasured. There's even room for your partner, too! As you kneel in Doggy style above the cushion you can stimulate your clit and pussy (or taint, cock and balls if you're a man) while they play with you from behind! Made out of high-density foam it can support your weight as your wand is firmly secured in place by the deep pocket. The soft outer cover is gentle against the skin and the water-resistant inner cover keeps the foam protected, so enjoy and let your juices flow! After play, simply strip the covers and throw them in the washing machine!

Key Features

  • High-Density Foam: The support you want and need with dense foam that keeps you lifted so you can enjoy new positions and angles!
  • Dual Layer Covers: The outer layer is soft and gentle against your skin. The inner layer covers the foam and is water resistant to protect it from moisture or spills.
  • Machine Washable: Both covers are machine washable for easy care and maintenance!
  • Toy Pocket: Slide any dildo, vibrator or wand into the pocket and enjoy riding hands-free with extra cushioned support!
  • Ergonomic Design: The shape of design of this pillow opens up different position possibilities and is ergonomic so you feel supported and comfortable.

Place this high-density foam onto a bed, couch, bench or the floor. Harder surfaces give even more support for the pillow, but softer surfaces give padding to your knees. Grab your favorite toy and slip the base into the pocket. Then turn it on and use some lube as you begin to writhe and grind. Bring your partner in on the action, too! As they slip their hands around your body, they can enter you from behind, your body perfectly poised to receive their cock, strapon, hands or mouth as you rub your clit against the buzzing wand! Play around and have fun! Flip over and use the pillow to help them plow you deeper and hit the right angle! Lift up your hips, support your body and explore new positions all with this one formidable, foam pillow!

Deluxe Wand Saddle Specs:

  • Measurements: Length: 20 inches. Width: 11.5 inches, Height: 8 inches. Wand pocket: 7 inches in depth; top & bottom openings are 2 inches in diameter.
  • Materials: Foam, polyester, nylon
  • Color: Red


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