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Fetish Fantasy O-Ring with Nipple Clamps


Rating: (6 reviews)
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Get your lover to open wide!

This O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps will put you in ultimate control of whoever is wearing it! Two coated clamps attach to the nipples and easily adjust to your preferred tension. These connect via chains to the O-Ring Gag and deliver a sexy tug to the nipples if the wearer moves about! The cloth-wrapped Gag is sure to keep your partner's mouth open wide, and the connecting leather straps can also be adjusted to keep the ring tight and your partner secure yet comfortable.

O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps Specs and Benefits:

  • Measurements: Ring is approx. 1" in diameter; chains are approx. 9" long; harness adjusts from 16.5"-20.5"
  • Material: Rings and clips are metal
  • Color: Straps are black
  • Adjustable nipple clamps and harness
  • Open-bust top and underwear not included
  • Includes free satin mask

  •     OUT OF STOCK
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    Reviewed: Friday 29 March, 2013 by C. Anthony

    My sub picked this O-ring gag out herself and we recently used it at a play party. The adjustable nipple clamps had a nice bite to them so my sub certainly knew she was wearing them once they were clamped and tightened on her perk nipples. While not bad for the price, the design just could have been better though. The O-Ring is too small for the average male organ and can be twisted within the sub's mouth easily. This is because the material the strap is made out of is a soft, thin fabric that makes securing it impossible without punching new holes into the strap. Although my sub was able to twist the O-ring a little, she still could not talk properly or get it completely out of her mouth. I also enjoyed seeing how much she drooled. The chains for the nipple clamps were slightly too long so they were very loose and didn't offer much of a pull. We found that crossing them across so that the strap on the right clamps to the left nipple while the strap on the left clamps to the right nipple pulls the chain shorter. For a more extreme pull on the nipples, twist the two chains together repeatedly down the center of the sub's chest before clamping them to the nipples for a nice upwards pull.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 20 February, 2013 by Anonymous

    Clips poorly quality

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    Reviewed: Sunday 14 October, 2012 by P. S.

    The nipple clamps work very well for me. They go from almost feeling nothing, to a hard pinch. What I absolutely don't like is the taste of the ring!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 14 September, 2011 by Gwen Newt

    The fabric that goes around the head has far too few notches in it to be used if you have a normal sized head unless you poke new holes. The O-ring is much too small to actually affect holding someone's mouth open, especially since the fabric 'leather' is so flimsy and it can just rotate to be flat against the tongue instead of vertical. The nipple clamps are horrible, the slightest motion and they slide off. The length of chain between the 0-ring and the clamps is too long to be used effectively for much of anything.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 24 February, 2011 by Anonymous

    Terrible. Waaaaay to big to fit anyone. You cannot do it up. It's ok if you're Andre the Giant. Seems to be a trend with the Fetish Fantasy series.

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