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Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Restraints


Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Restraints Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Restraints
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Many attest that our fur lined restraints are the ultimate blend of comfort and durability. A 2 inch wide English Bridle Leather strap is lined with two layers of an ultra soft, mink-like fur. The 1 inch wide lockable top strap provides extra strength and durability. These cuffs are built to restrain the most unruly in the most comfortable fashion. Six sizing slots ensure a tight fit.

Restraints sold as a pair.
Collar and locks sold separately.

  • Wrist cuffs are sized from 5.5-9 inches.
  • Ankle cuffs are sized from 7.5-12 inches.

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Reviewed: Sunday 27 December, 2015 by Anonymous

I love from sleeping to wearing these around the house. I had never tried leather before and the fur on the inside was perfect!

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Reviewed: Monday 10 August, 2015 by Slave Rock

My Master got these for my nighty bed lock downs. I am tied spread eagle to the bed and have to sleep like that all night. These cuffs are super comfy and leave zero marks after taking off. If u are looking for a durable comfortable restraint then I would pick up a pair of these wrist and ankle cuffs.

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Reviewed: Saturday 20 June, 2015 by Anonymous

These are excellent, very comfortable restraints. The only thing that could be improved would be to have the D-ring welded. My wife is only 5' 8", but is an amateur bodybuilder and freakishly strong at times. After about 8 months of rigorous use, she finally bent one of the D-rings on the wrist restraint to where it failed. Despite this, she finds these to be very comfortable compared to other restraints available.

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Reviewed: Sunday 15 June, 2014 by Lusty Wench

If you are looking to purchase cuffs or collars, I can not recommend this site more highly. The items, although a little expensive compared to similar items from elsewhere are very well made, strong and comfortable. The cheaper gear is unreliable with buckles bending and 'D' attachment rings tearing away with not much force applied. We live in Australia and the shipping from the UK arrived here in just 6 working days. Thank you Extreme Restraints for having available such quality gear and the excellent service you provide that will have us coming back in a few weeks for our next items, a hood and a ring-gag harness. Mike and Carmen

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Reviewed: Friday 10 January, 2014 by Mr. Bungle

I bought both the wrist set and the ankle set, which was not a cheap investment, but WELL worth it! I had been using plain leather cuffs prior to buying these, and they were nice, but not nearly as comfy or sexy as these ones. I love wearing these ones. They feel great, and they make you feel sexy. The quality is top notch, as others have written. Very sturdy. I think they might be my new favorite toys.

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