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Throne Adjustable Sex Swing with Stand

SKU: AH175

Throne Adjustable Sex Swing with Stand

SKU: AH175

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Let Gravity Do the Work So You Can Fuck with Ease!

Key Features

  • Durable Frame: Made out of durable steel this frame can handle up to 330 lbs.
  • Adjustable Height: Adjust the height so you can have an ergonomic setup for all kinds of naughty fun!
  • Adjustable Sling: Go from 90 to 180 degrees so you can enjoy it seated or laid back.
  • Comfortable PU Leather Pads: The two pieces of the sling chair are padded and covered with vegan-friendly, PU leather.
  • You and your playmate deserve something that takes your sex life to the next level! With this adjustable swing stand, you get more support than with a sling or traditional sex swing and can enjoy increased comfort and support! Sit upright or lay back and recline to any degree. You can go from 90 degrees sitting up to 180 degrees laying completely parallel to the floor, flat on your back. Keep your legs lifted with the stirrups and hang on with your hands using any of the 4 suspension chains. The durable design can handle up to 330 lbs so you can climb on top and feel safe and secure. To ensure playtime is ergonomic, the height is also adjustable. The plush pads are covered in black, PU leather and are vegan friendly. Frame is made out of iron.

    Set up the frame first. Make sure to check the height and dimensions before setting up so you know ahead of time if it will fit in your space. Then attach the 4 chains and the chair. Finally, add the stirrups.If you plan on fucking your partner with your cock or strapon while they lay back in the swing, place the chair at hip height. If you plan on fisting them, you may want to make the height slightly higher or adjust for the height of your elbow. After you're set up, sit in the chair yourself to make sure you set it up safely!

    Now the fun begins! Lift up or assist your scantily clad comrade up onto the swing seat. Steady it for them so it doesn't move as they get on top. Then have them get comfortable and lean back just enough so their feet can rest in the stirrups. Their legs spread wide so you can see and access everything. You give them a little warm up before switching to opening their hole. Then, you get an idea. You recline the chair all the way, come around and then have them suck on your cock or strapon. They gag, spit dripping out of the mouth and onto the shaft. Then you slap them gently on the cheek and tell them they're been very good. You go around and grab their thighs, digging your nails into them slightly so they gasp in pain and pleasure. Then you spit on their hole and start to slide yourself inside. Once you're all the way in, all you have to do is push the swing and let gravity do the rest of the work!

    Adjustable Swing with Stand Specs:

  • STAND: 82 inches. Assembled height; 85 inches x 58 inches base footprint.
  • SLING: Frame measures 39.5 inches Length x 31 inches Width. Seat measures 11 inches Length x 15.5 inches Width.
  • Back rest measures 27.5 inches Length x 15.75 inches Width & reclines from 90° to 180°
  • CHAINS: 46 inches length
  • STIRRUPS: 20 inches length

    Max weight limit : 330 lbs

    Materials: Iron, Vegan Leather

    Color: Black, metal

    Note: All tools & instructions included
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