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Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool with Handles

SKU: AG671

Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool with Handles

SKU: AG671

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Handle Even More with the New Bangin Bench!

Key Features:

  • Cushioned Handles: New and improved with strong, cushioned handles. Grab on while you ride your favorite toy!
  • Bangin Seat for Couples or Solo Play: Use the included strap-on harness and ride your favorite dildo, or switch it out for your favorite playmate and enjoy bouncing on their shaft or lowering down onto their face!
  • Built to Last: Made with a durable, steel frame, this product is built to last through all your sessions!
  • This bench is built with a durable steel frame and has a comfortable, elastic seat perfect for bouncing. Added padded handles make this product easy to handle. Lightweight but strong, this product can easily be taken apart and stored out of sight.

    This new and improved Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool has handles that the rider can lean on and grab hold to. Once their knees start getting weak from ecstasy, they can grab hold for support. Use the handles to help lift up and down as you bounce on your favorite dildo, or lower onto their eager tongue or cock.

    Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool with Handles Specs:

    Stool Measurements: Length 19.4 inches, width 19.3 inches, height 15 inches without handle bar 21 inches with handle bar

    Other Measurements: Strap width 4 inches, dildo bar width 5 inches, dildo harness diameter 1.5 inches

    Materials: Metal, elastic, PU Leather, Velcro

    Max Weight: 250 lbs

    Color: Red, Black

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