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The Steel Impaler Tower


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The Steel Impaler Tower


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Imagine having your partner locked inside this impaler tower. As you circle them, you admirably gaze at their locked in body. Their arms are bound behind them and their legs are locked into a folded position. You gently lean down and make sure that the steel dildo rod is firmly placed inside of them. Now when they move the dildo rod will move with them. Depending upon their angle and the height you place the dildo rod you can have it inside of a wet, hot pussy or an awaiting anus. The choice is yours. This is a high quality steel bondage device designed to offer a pleasurable experience for both partners.


  • The dildo rod measures approx 4.75" of insertable length.
  • There are four adjustment knobs so you can comfortably place the ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and dildo rod.
  • 4 padlocks are required (see related items below) to close the steel cuffs.
  • The ankle cuffs are spread 18" apart. The wrist cuffs are 8" apart.
  • Base measures 12" by 12"
  • The entire product measures 18.5" in height and 24" in length.
  • The arm restraints are 4" wide

    Sizing :

  • : Wrist Cuffs are 2.5" in diameter, Ankle Cuffs are 3.5" in diameter.

    How to Use:

  • Have your partner lie down on their stomach.
  • Make sure that the dildo rod is going straight between their legs
  • Fold their legs behind them and place them through the ankle cuffs
  • Bring their arms back and place them through the arm restraint and into the wrist cuffs.
  • Use the adjustment knobs to make sure that they are comfortable.
  • Lock the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs with your padlocks.
  • As you're adjusting the tower, make sure also that the dildo rod is inserted into them.
  • Use the 2.5" O-ring at the end of the tower to attach to a collar.
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