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Locking Mounted CBT Scrotum Cuff with Bar

SKU: AE465

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Locking Mounted CBT Scrotum Cuff with Bar

SKU: AE465

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Lock down your partner by his balls alone!...


Lock down your partner by his balls alone!

Put your fuckboy in a compromising position with this mountable ball-stretcher. He'll be humiliated as you clamp this metal ring around his scrotum and leave him locked up for your pleasure. Screw the base of this device to the wall or another sturdy, flat surface and trap his balls in the ring by securing its closure with the allen wrench. He won't be able to escape this smooth, stainless steel CBT stretcher, while you make him pleasure you, fuck his slutty hole, play with his imprisoned balls, or deliver some sensation play to his exposed body. He'll be entirely at your mercy until you choose to set him free. We recommend that this device be with extreme care to avoid movement and possible injury.


I've trapped My slave by his balls, completely confining him and exposing him to My desires. "Now you can't go anywhere, can you? you're trapped there like a nasty little worm. I should step on you and squish you like a little worm, too." his balls are engorged in the metal stretcher, heavy with the seed that I so rarely let him spill. I tap My boot against them and he shivers. "But I think I would rather use you today for my pleasure. And if you're good, I won't punish you… too much." I laugh and seat Myself on the ground in front of him, spreading my legs. My crotch is just a little bit out of his reach. "Come here and feast on this, slave," I tell him, and I hear a whine building in his throat as he pulls himself as far forward as he can, his balls stretching even further behind him in the mounted cuff. Finally, he's able to jut his tongue out and lick Me. "That will have to suffice, I guess but remember to do a good job or you'll be punished."

Locking Mounted CBT Scrotum Cuff With Bar Specifications:

  • Measurements: 9.5 inches in total length, 1.35 inches in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Screws and allen wrench included
  • Note: Due to the fixed nature of this device, care should be taken during use to avoid injury.


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