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Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion


Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion
$119.00 $89.95
Rating: (1 reviews)
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Enjoy the ride of your life with this Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion

If you're the proud owner of a wand-style massager (or someone who is considering the purchase of one) you know that having any type of vibrator in your hand can be fun but taxing on your hand. While you can feel the vibration and sensations, holding such a device in their hand might not be ideal for some.

This lightweight, sturdy cushion will house your Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager (or any wand-style massager of your choice) and leave your hands free for other pleasures rather than consistently holding the device. Just place the massager through the seat leaving the head at the top. Straddle the device and flip it on (we recommend using the Wand Speed Controller for more effective use and control). While you're riding the device let the massager's head consistently vibrate you. Let your hands travel all over your body, rub on your nipples, caress a partner or whatever you desire.

The Wand Essentials Love Seat is made of a soft hypoallergenic foam and is discreet enough for you to take with you on trips. It measures 14" in length and 8.5" in width.

Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Specs and Benefits::
  • Size: 14 inches in length, 9 inches in width, 6.5 inches tall
  • Material: Spandex, foam
  • Color: Black
  • Note: Wand pictured is sold separately
  • Designed for use with any wand-style massager (sold separately)
  • Angled and designed for ideal placement of the Wand head
  • Can be used solo or while having intercourse with a partner
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Designed for feed through of power cord
  • Note: The Wand Essentials Wand Massager and Wand Speed Controller pictured are not included. You must purchase those items separately.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 11 November, 2015 by Anonymous

    There is just so much you can do with this setup. My girl has enjoyed it since we got it, as forced orgasm is one of our favorite things. Whether she's riding it while blowing me of bent forward on it while I fuck her from behind it takes the wand hands free so that we can use our hands for other things (OK, hers are usually tied ;-) Recently we picked up an orgasmatron X2. I currently have it tied to the top of the cushion so that she rides the dildo while the wand hits her clit. We've tried the Sybian before and she finds this MUCH more intense. The Sybian doesn't have the same gyration as the X2 and the wand with a controller is equally intense on the vibration. Last night I bent her forward and took her ass at the same time. She came so many times and so hard, squirting all over, that she finally passed out. That's only the third time I've gotten her to that point in 9 years (she can take a LOT). All based on starting with a $50 wand and a $90 cushion. Let your imagination go!

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