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Scrotum Stretching Kit with Leash

SKU: AE643

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Scrotum Stretching Kit with Leash

SKU: AE643

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Lead your slave by his balls with this chain and leather kit for your power exchange scenes!... Read more...


Lead your slave by his balls with this chain and leather kit for your power exchange scenes!

Confine his scrotum in the tight grasp of the leather parachute and hook up the leash to the chains. You'll have his balls completely at your mercy, keeping him entirely under your control. Three shining chains hang heavily from the parachute, dangling a metal O-ring for your to attach the 4 foot leather leash to. Dominate his movements with every tug, pulling on his ball sack and stretching it out for your sadistic pleasure.The leash also has a looped leather wrist strap, so you can get a firm grip as you take complete control of the situation.


Mistress has me kneel with my legs spread wide open and my hands behind my head as She fastens the parachute around my balls on the tightest setting. i hiss a ragged breath in as She fixes the last clasp and gives the chains dangling from it a hard tug. Her long, manicured fingers take hold of the 4 foot leather leash, long enough for me stay down at Her feet after She clips it to the O-ring and stands back up. "I want you to follow me around the house while I get ready to go out tonight… not that you have a choice at this point." She gives the leash a sharp tug, pulling my balls towards Her as i whimper and then moan. i'm forced to follow Her and sit at Her feet as She does Her make-up and hair, and then takes all Her clothes off to change.

By the Balls Scrotum Stretching Kit with Leash Specifications:

  • Measurements: Top of the parachute is adjustable from 1 to 1.25 inches in diameter; Leash measures 4 feet in length
  • Material: Leather, metal
  • Note: Kit contains scrotum parachute and 4 foot leash
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