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Flow Control Deep Cleansing Kit

SKU: AE664

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Flow Control Deep Cleansing Kit

SKU: AE664

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Keep your shower equipped with a deep-cleaning enema!...


Keep your shower equipped with a deep-cleaning enema!

Transform your standard shower head into an enema station so that you're always ready to clean out for health, anal sex, or just because you think enemas are fun! With the flip of a switch you'll be able to divert the flow of water from your shower head to your enema hose, controlling the pressure and temperature. You can even shower and douche at the same time! To install, unscrew your shower head and replace with the Diverter. You can then attach your shower head to the Diverter, and get ready for an anal cleansing unlike any other! This kit also includes a smooth, deep penetrating nozzle, with bumps for your pleasure, as well as the 79 inch hose. Designed to get to all your hard-to-reach places, the CleanStream Flow Control Deep Cleansing Kit is the last enema system you will ever have to buy!


He keeps his bathroom well stocked for when I come to visit. All the essentials a woman might need, plus a toothbrush, my favorite perfume, and the Flow Control unit. It's incredibly thoughtful. When I'm in the mood for anal sex, I don't have to worry about mess or go to the store to buy an enema. I just hop in the shower, clean the rest of myself off, and enjoy myself thoroughly as I clean out. It's always just hanging there, waiting for me to use it! I find the perfect setting of pressure and temperature, use silicone lube to prepare my asshole, and then push that smooth, heavenly rod up my ass. The feeling is incredible, letting my insides expand to fit all the water. And when all is said and done, I have a fresh, clean hole for my man to fuck!

CleanStream Flow Control Deep Cleansing Kit Specifications:

  • Measurements: Tip: 9 inches in length, 1.15 inches in diameter. Hose: 79 inches in length; Switch: 2.5 inches in height, 2.4 inches in width
  • Material: Zinc alloy, copper, PVC
  • Note: Kit comes with hose, switch, and deep cleansing nozzle
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