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Male Vibrating Remote Control Thong


Male Vibrating Remote Control Thong
Rating: (5 reviews)
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Finally a remote control thong for men! It is very stretchy, comfortable and washable. It also has a 2 way positioning pocket to allow for anal or testicular stimulation with its removable, wireless power pack. Made of black lycra. Manufacturer gives the product a range of 12 feet but we were able to reach up to 20 feet with fresh batteries. Watch him squirm over dinner with friends as you increase the intensity by his penis or anus. Oh, how much fun it can be.

This item comes with 1 12v battery and 2 AAA batteries for immediate use. For extended play with this item, you can purchase spare batteries below.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 November, 2012 by Anonymous

My wife and I got this and a vibrating egg. It didn't take long for the egg to quit working and it used odd batteries. We love this vibrator because it is so simple that it always works. No comlpicated settings, just on and off. Tripple A batteries for the vibrator so its cheap and easy to use. It works well on me but it actually seems to work better for my wife. With an egg that doesn't move much, she is able to tune out the vibrations after awhile. But since this just goes in her panties up against her pussy, she can't ignore it because if she is walking around, it will rub up against her clit and move around a little. In my opinion it is a great little unit because of the reliablity of it. The noise is about like a cell phone on vibrate, it doesn't take much noise to cover up the sound. If your wearing jeans, it really dampens it. Of course if your the one wearing it, it seems very loud.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 September, 2011 by slave Dave

This is a fun toy. It works alot further than it says it does. My wife will use it at a diner out or at home. With no warning i get buzzed. The only problem is that the little pouch where the vibrator goes needs a snap or something to keep it better.

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Reviewed: Monday 24 January, 2011 by Anonymous

I got one of these and gave it to my girlfriend. I told her that she would be in control for the evening! We went out to an elegant dinner. If she wanted my utmost attention, she tingled me with the remote. Every time she leaned over to kiss me, she shook my balls with the remote. By the time we went home, I was so horny!

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Reviewed: Thursday 03 April, 2008 by John James

vibrator box slides into the lycra sock sewn into the seam at the bottom center. Allows you to flip it to either your balls or anus. Sock is long enough to allow decent positioning. There is about a 1 second delay between the signal from the remote to the activation of the vibrator. Works nice in a condom slid up my butt as well! a string secures it to my penis so it can't escape.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 May, 2006 by zeph braich

first time i used it my lover had the remote and he start it at the table, we were dining a the restaurant and i was twisting of pleasure at my place. I was so hot then at home we fucked a lot the whole evening. Thanks again for that marvelous thong... Zeph

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