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Intake Rosebud Device


Intake Rosebud Device Intake Rosebud Device Intake Rosebud Device
Rating: (12 reviews)

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For intense, advanced anal play utilize this rosebud device in your regular routine

Place this device against your own or your partner's anus and create an airtight seal with a little lube. Turn the knob slowly, building pressure in the cylinder, and watch everything unfold! The Intake Rosebud Device will suck that asshole until the desired effect is achieved, a swollen pucker to be played with and fucked. Turn the knob the opposite direction to release the pressure and gain access to the rosebud.


He plays with my tight little asshole, circling it with his lubed-up fingers and gently inserting one while I moan. I spread open my ass cheeks, inviting him to use our new toy. "I can't wait to see that little hole all swollen for my cock," he whispers, and his breath against my lubed ass makes me shiver. Finally he places the Intake Rosebud Device against my anus, creates a strong seal, and begins to turn the knob. I gasp in shocked delight, and so does he, as I feel my asshole sucked up into the cylinder. The sensation is unlike anything I've felt before, my sphincter opening up while a pulsing builds in my hole. "Now I can put anything I want in there," he says again, turning just a little more before sitting back to admire his work. He hands me a hand mirror and I look down at what he's done to me: my anus is puckered out, distended from my body. It looks as good as it feels.

Intake Rosebud Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 4 inches in total length, 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Turn the knob to create an airtight seal against your partner's anus
  • The clear cup allows you watch as you achieve the desired effects

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    Reviewed: Saturday 01 July, 2017 by Gary Luhman

    The Intake Rosebud Device is fantastic . I love using it sometimes I leave it on longer than I should and get some bruising,but love the way my hole looks after, could be that I screw it all the way in for the whole effect.I love the feeling that my hole feels after pleasuring it,the large toys get a workout also after using this amazing product,a must have for anyone that loves to have a nice rosebud.Feels like the hole is wet after use just like a moist love box,thanks so much for a great product that gets a lot of use,have to say that I am getting ready to take it on again I can't seem to get enough of this fabulous rosebud toy.Think it's time to use it again so I can get a good look at that sweet hole and swollen ass lips.God love this toy thank you, thank you, thank you,sincerely.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 14 April, 2016 by Anonymous

    I purchased this recently and we couldn't wait to use it. However, the first time we used it his anus was bruised and sore after. Perhaps I rushed because I was excited, but it was not a good experience for him. Maybe this is something you gradually increase with? All in all, I enjoyed watching his asshole swell up and pucker, I just feel bad because I couldn't play with him for a few days afterward. Hopefully next time will be better!

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    Reviewed: Sunday 11 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    This product is amazing. I have had mine for a while now and had to come back to write a review about it. It works even better when you can push it into your hole and then turn the nob! Must purchase!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 03 September, 2015 by cindy hi

    lov it makes my ass loose and wet. Thought it was weird , but its a hot tool. Will give rose bud sick to play with , open for anyrhing.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 25 April, 2015 by Anonymous

    WoW just got mine today tore open the package & after some anal play started to use the device, incredible! Where has this been all my life! A must buy item

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